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  1. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Making progress on the helmet. Had a small issues with bad STL files but managed to get them fixed and got back to printing today.
  2. Hello, Just found this, so requesting Detachment Access My Profile - http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27484
  3. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Came for the build thread, stayed for the cat photos!
  4. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    wilson5710 has been making progress on the helmet. He plans to remodel the mask portion of the print file so that it is more accurate.
  5. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Well we ordered the armor pieces from JawaChopShop today. He says it will take a week to produce and ship out. So should have that in a couple weeks. Also purchased the helmet file from ... https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/helmet-seven-sisters-star-wars I understand this will need some modification once it is printed. Can anyone helps us by pointing out what exactly needs changed?
  6. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Thanks for the replies and advice! Looking forward to this build and sharing it as we go.
  7. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Getting ready to pull the trigger to start a Seventh Sister costume. But not entirely sure where to start. I've read through the posts and build threads here and checked out the CRL, knowing the issues with it after all the reading. My main source of angst at the moment is where to acquire the hard parts. We've contacted JawaChopShop about their kit but it doesn't include a helmet. Atlis Armory offers a helmet but they haven't responded to messages. I founf that Do3d offers files to 3D print the pieces but they are also known for junk files. SO what are the options to pursue that maybe we haven't found yet? We have a Taz6 3D printer to be able to print if files are available but has understand the sometimes fragile nature to 3D prints. Any help would be appreciated also in locating a pattern for sewing the soft goods. Thanks!