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  1. Mara Jade WIP, literally beginning!

    Thank you! I’m putting a plan of action together to do just that. One thing at a time so I’m not overwhelmed!! I will keep updating as I get things done!
  2. Mara Jade WIP, literally beginning!

    Thank you!
  3. Mara Jade WIP, literally beginning!

    Hey! I’m starting my research on the how’s and where’s to get my Mara Jade stuff. I’m really new to costumes so I don’t know the places to go to via here locally in Portland/via web that does approved 501st stuff. I’m not a seamstress unfortunately and an not good at what I have made so I’m wondering if anyone knows good local Portland Oregon seamstress or online places for the bodysuit. That the biggest hurdle I may come across as I am a size 18 but curves! Many help would be great!
  4. Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hello! Im Jennifer from Portland, OR wanting to join Cloud City Garrison/501st. I’m interested in Mara Jade. I’m wanting to do this because I love to help the local and non local communities and because I can “be someone else” for a while!