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  1. Unikatze

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    What type of fabric should I get for Nihilus clothes and robe?
  2. Unikatze

    Avatar's Imperial Knight WIP (redeux)

    This is fantastic. How do I go about ordering the armor?
  3. Unikatze

    WIP Darth Revan

    Looking pretty neat!
  4. Unikatze

    WIP Darth Revan

    I can't see the pics
  5. Unikatze

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    So the current picture, is that one for KOTOR II or for COTF?
  6. Unikatze

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Oh, and what lightsaber did you use?
  7. Unikatze

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Thanks for the pointer. I was looking at the two versions of Nihilus on the CRL and honestly can't even tell the difference except for the COTF version having a lot more stuff to it. Even in the mask, where it say "KOTOR II mask is not acceptable with this version", it uses the exact same stock photo.
  8. Unikatze

    Finally new Darth Revan incoming

    Looking pretty sweet!
  9. Unikatze

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Thanks! That was my reasoning behind going for Nihilus. I can pretty much get the complete outfit directly from MWA, but I'm still looking at other options in case I'm swayed.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get into the 501st Arctic Outpost, and I've narrowed down a few costumes I'm interested in and would like ideas on where to start looking. These are: Sith Acolyte Darth Revan Darth Nihilus Imperial Knight Dark Stalker I'd really like the Imperial Knight, but can't find much info on it compared to the others. So far I'm leaning towards Darth Nihilus because it may be the easiest and most cost effective for a first time costumer. I looked at My Wicked Armor and theirs is pretty great, but I'd also like looking at other options. Any ideas? Thanks!