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  1. Darth Revan Build

    Hey mate sorry for the late reply cheers for the information ill pic up that saber eventually for now ill work it out and Ill fix up the rings ill post pics of everything when I start receiving items Cheers Regards Reece
  2. Darth Revan Build

    Hi there everyone just another small update after a lot of thinking I have decided to get another saber just looks a lot closer to Revan saber the other saber has to many bits of gold, aside from that everything else so far is on track, oh also where is a good place to look for the straps for the 12 small rings on my armour? Regards Reece
  3. Darth Revan Build

    Thanks everyone for your support appreciate it looking forward to competing this still some time though I slso wanted to post an update with my progress I have everything I need on order from my vendor except for my custom saber which was difficult to find at a reasonable price but I was able to on ebay after a long time researching ill add a pic with this post and I will be done about a week before The Last Jedi I am hoping to get approval with my build and Join members at IMAX for the premiere I was told tickets for 501st members are all out however I can go on my own accord and join the 501st at the cinema when I start receiving things in the mail Ill upload images of everything cheers for your time Regards Reece.
  4. Darth Revan Build

    Hi guys how's it going? Where would I find those straps? Cheers Regards Reece
  5. Darth Revan Build

    Thanks guys for the advice ill work on it and keep you all updated cheers Reece
  6. Darth Revan Build

    Hi thanks for the message ill keep everyone updated with my progress and cheers for the advice appreciate it ill post again soon Regards Reece
  7. Darth Revan Build

    Hi everyone just wanted to to put up some info about my current build Darth Revan I have pretty much everything I need on order from a vendor called Wicked Armour in my Research they were the most promising for my Revan build just I guess in terms of quality and authenticity will take a bit though so currently this is what I have on order: armor includes: mask with undermask that makes the main mask more comfortable and vents breath away from the visor so it does not fog up, flexible plastic form-fitting torso armor (front and back) with metal rings and flexible joint between upper and lower sections, bracers and hand armor, and large ring with pleather straps, double rings, and greebles.fabric includes: hood with shoulder wrap and pinned folds, cape with full pleats, hakama (skirt-like piece) with box pleats at top, black sash, ribbed red sash. Also I have ordered an undershirt, leather gloves & balaclava, all these items are to spec for Revan and I will also be getting a custom saber after I get everything together.
  8. Hi everyone my name is Reece I'm from Melbourne Ill be apart of the knightfall squad under the flagship eclipse, I am currently building Darth Revan. I am joining the 501st because I am a massive fan been wanting to do something like this for years and I appreciate it what this great group of people do with charity awsome stuff so yeah. In regards to my Darth Revan build I ha e pretty much everything I need on order to the 501st spec now its a wait for a bit and pretty much getting everything together I really like Darth Revan obviously first heard of him playing KOTOR and after that I was like if ever I get to portray a sith this is the guy lol. Well thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon Regards Reece