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  1. Bow2Thrawn

    King Terrak

    I'm currently putting together a Terrak, King of the Marauders, from the Battle of Endor movie. Is this the right Detachment for this costume?? Lol
  2. Bow2Thrawn

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Is that Joseph? He's the only other Sim Aloo I know of. I'm currently working on plans for that new mysterious officer in Rogue One!
  3. Bow2Thrawn

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Greetings! My name is Erik and I am from the Midwest Garrison. I've been trooping aince about 2012, my first outfit being Grand Admiral Thrawn. I am an approveed Grand Moff Tarkin and recently got my approval for my Sim Aloo outfit. I joined up with the 501st since they said I looked like Peter Cushing and because I like to do costume events (I first met the Legion on FCBD in a costume store where I working at the time.) I like doing outfits that aren't often done, which is why I am interested in the EU. I think Thrawn is one of the most incredible of characters and am greatly irritated that Disney has de-canonized him. As far as other EU characters I have worked on, I made an eyepatch piece a couple years ago and trooped as Admiral Screed from droids. Someday, i would like to try putting together a yuzzhan vong character like Nom Anor. Glad to meet you!