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  1. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

    I know was no affiliation with Knights of Ren or Kylo Ren. . . though I have a feeling the name may have had something to do with it. Only one letter off and his TIEs are red and black. They obviously went back somewhat for ideas. I just think with the focus on Kylo Ren this would be a unique concept to do. Also I'm a rather large man. There aren't too many costumes that aren't pushing it in believeableity for a guy my size.
  2. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

    Thanks for your insight. I was thinking the best way to do the armor would be sintra layered on top of EVA foam. I can cut the sintra in one solid piece and form it over my shoulders but the references seem to be rather thick armor which would be very heavy of pure sintra. It also seems to be 2 different colors between the top of the armor and what is closer to the body. That's where I thought it would be a good use of EVA foam to at least do the edges of the armor so it could be light.
  3. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

    I tried to get every angle I could. I'm thinking of Sintra for the top layer of the armor over a layer of EVA foam to give it a little more body.
  4. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

  5. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

    While searching ebay for the Pirates Of Tarnoonga book I came across this picture. I don't know if it is real, but it does look like a real model sheet I've seen for other cartoons and gives a little bit of better idea of the side and back profiles in a complete image.
  6. KyboRen

    Kybo Ren

    Hello, I'm looking to join the 501st as Kybo Ren. With all the focus on Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, I thought I'd go back to the Droids cartoon. As I am planning and taking screenshots to get all the angles, I realized I wasn't quite sure the approach. I understand it needs to be screen accurate, but when dealing with a 2D cartoon what does that mean? Do I go with flat colors as the cartoon? Or do I approach as if it was live action and aim for what would be metal be chromed? Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello, My name is Casey from PA. I'm looking to join Garrison Cardia. With all the hype of The Force Awakens and Kylo Ren, I'd like to think out of the box a little and go back to the old Droids cartoon and go as my username states with the pirate Kybo Ren.