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  1. COTF Nihilus WIP

    Realy nice costume. I also like your collection of swords and medieval weapon in the background. Especially the Japanese ones
  2. A Nihilus from France

    This what was done on August 24th : the inner tunic + outer skirt + the beginning of the sleeves. I'll visit my grandma tomorrow or Thursday, and i might get back the two tunic + the skirts + the obi. But i will have to weather all the parts. Next step : the hood and mask, and the capes.
  3. A Nihilus from France

    Sorry for the enormous font, i writted it from my phone. So...we did some pattern, as we used a Kimono tunic as template, and started to cut and sew the outer skirt, as well as the sleeves. I used the excellent tutorial from Pam for inspiration.
  4. A Nihilus from France

    Soooo...I hadn't made any progress...but tomorrow it will change, i'll visit my grandmother...who is a very good seamstress. But i need your enlightment : how do you manage to close your tunics? Velcro? Hook and loop?
  5. A Nihilus from France

    Well...Currently, I am working on my other project, a Galactic Marine, so the Nihilus has not really progressed...but two weeks ago, i had a real opportunity, one of the 501 FG member was selling his soviet boots. So they are a bit too wide, but with double socks it will work fine. I'll post pics tomorrow. For the mask...As i'm doing a papercraft GM, i bought the pep' file for the mask from firenock base design. So currently it's on my garage, coated with resin. I have to put some fiberglass, add car-putty (Sorry i don't know the fine translation for it, but it's basically what is used to fixed some scratch on cars) and to sand it down to give it the proper shape. Hope i can do it within the next weeks.
  6. Question about Datrh Revan of Wicked Armor

    MWA is a short word for My wicked armor (website : http://wickedarmor.com/) where you can find some costumes / armor
  7. Vaylin - SWTOR

    As a player of the video game, i appreciate a lot your costumes, as well as Arcann. Now you need one more thing : Zakel Guard
  8. A Nihilus from France

    Ok, thanks for the answer I am still looking for the belt. For the lightsaber, i will see later But at the end, i will buy one.
  9. A Nihilus from France

    Hey, it has been a long time since i have posted here, but with the studies, I had no time to keep going on. But now I have time. I am currently looking for gloves Do you these one are OK for an approval ? http://www.armurias.com/contents/fr/p539.html And here are the boots I think i'll buy http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soviet-Jackboots-Russian-Army-Military-Boots-Soldier-USSR-SIZE-43-010-/282131743543
  10. A Nihilus from France

    So, i have open my packet and discover the fabric, and I find it a little bit...thick...So my question is: do you make a double layer with the tunic, or a single layer is enough ?
  11. A Nihilus from France

    Some news here: I have ordered the fabric (25 yards)and it should be delivered tomorrow. I will start as soon as I will be back home, that me ans on 10 days. I think i will start with the tunics and the skirts, as i'm waiting to see if a friend can do the mask for me.
  12. A Nihilus from France

    In the next days I will order the fabric, but i still have a question concerning the fabric: Is black cotton fabric okay for the sleeves ?
  13. A Nihilus from France

    Thanks for the answer. I am wondering : Do you guys wear something under the inner tunnic ? Or is it enough to cover the neck (With the black mask) ?
  14. A Nihilus from France

    Thanks for the links. I am 1m65 tall, is it enough to take 25 yards for the costume ? BTW, i really like your picture Nefthys. But is this kind of decoration accurate ?
  15. A Nihilus from France

    Okay, so if I want it to look more ancient, what should i take ? Raw Silk ?