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Grand Inquisitor (Kenobi) Lightsaber 3d Design Attempt


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I got a ton of photos of the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber at Celebration.  Enough that I'm hoping to be able to design the saber for 3d printing.  I'm currently planning to do two versions.  One will be a static prop, capable of having day blades inserted, but won't have space for electronics, nor will the circle close in half.  The other will be capable of being built around parts for the Custom Saber Shop MHS v2 system, and where the circle will close in half.  I only get time to work on this kind of thing maybe every 10-14 days, so it may take a few weeks.  Someone else may beat me to the goal if they have time for focus.  But if not, mine will be there.  


It's just a hobby, so final files will go on Thingiverse for free if leadership thinks it's good enough for people to use for approval.  The working assumption is that the saber has a 1.5" outer diameter for the main body (excluding the raised grip portions).


Here are a couple of shots from Celebration that I'm working off of (I have a bunch more, but some of them have some pretty bad glare).



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Here's the early beginnings of the design of the central section.  I think the insert is probably raised a bit too far.  It's definitely raised past the grips, but probably not by that much.  The rest is pretty good.  Will start expanding to the ends later this weekend I hope.



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On closer inspection from another photo, the square section stands out from the body noticeably more than the switch section.  So, minor tweak there.  Plus a small change to make the indented part of the raised sections actually print as part of the main body.  Then the inserts will have a cutout to fit around it.  It will make painting easier.



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