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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow darksiders, I'm up to start working on my second approvable 501st costume (I already have olive green Imperial officer) and I choosed betrayed Asajj Ventress ('cause I'm such a fan of CW & prequels era in general + I like this version of Asajj the most) The silicone bald is already in making & I also have leggins and boots, now I wanna start to work on clothes more so I started with skirt- and there's the first problem. Since there's no specifications for fabric in CRL I bought theese two fabrics for skirt and now I really don't know which one is better to use so I hope some of you guys may help. (both fabrics are black of course, I just took a photo of them on the bright light, to see patterns better). I also gonna buy some fabrics for top, I think some elastic fabrics would be fine for this + some black leather like materials for collar, forearm bracers and belt I already have home from my last costume, but I think it won't be enough, so I'll probablby buy more soon. I'll post the updates if you will be interest, hope this will going well also if you have some advices I'll be happy for them! Here's the first one for skirt: And here's the second one for skirt:
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of sewing my girlfriend a complete Night sister costume... I have experience sewing, made all my soft parts for my tk and boba. I need specs for a few things however... The 6 arm bands: need width Shins: width and height Chest/stomach medallions: exact sizes, dimensions of both. I'm also an experienced model maker, was planning on making molds and casting the medallions in epoxy... If anyone can help me with the proper information, my girlfriend and I would be forever thankful! This is her first attempt at joining the 501st, I chose this costume for her because 1, seems easy. 2 it's very inexpensive to make. 3 she really wants to get involved with us. Thanks again! Gabe
  3. Hi! I'm starting on this costume and looking at making the axe flail weapon, instead of the lightsabers. I have what might be kind of a dumb question: The short section between the handles, is it flexible or rigid? I don't remember seeing her use this (I haven't seen all of Clone Wars, tbh. *hides face in shame*) and this is the only image I can find, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to be wielded. Any ideas?
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