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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. I need help from the Detachment leaders. I am working on my Asajj Ventress concept version and I can't get the collar right. Now my GML told me I could follow any reference, so I took the Sideshow action figurine. She had a round collar and my GML said I had to get a collar around my shoulders. I made this with a lot of problems, and then he said it was to 'messy'. I think it's because of the zigzag stitch which it needs for the stretching. now my question is, is a round collar also approvable, since the sideshow has it? thanks for the help. love, Msyt
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of sewing my girlfriend a complete Night sister costume... I have experience sewing, made all my soft parts for my tk and boba. I need specs for a few things however... The 6 arm bands: need width Shins: width and height Chest/stomach medallions: exact sizes, dimensions of both. I'm also an experienced model maker, was planning on making molds and casting the medallions in epoxy... If anyone can help me with the proper information, my girlfriend and I would be forever thankful! This is her first attempt at joining the 501st, I chose this costume for her because 1, seems easy. 2 it's very inexpensive to make. 3 she really wants to get involved with us. Thanks again! Gabe
  3. Hello!! I'm new here I want to make a costume of Asajj Ventress - her first outfit in the Clone Wars, with the skirt and the red-and-gold tabard - and I was hoping to find good advice here! I've already gone through all the threads about Ventress here, it's awesome to see what the other fans did, and to read everyone's advice!! I really hope I can make a beautiful costume that will meet the 501st standards! I have near zero experience in sewing and make-up though, so it will take a lot of learning and trying ^^ So far I have: - white wraps for the arms, legs and stomach. And I've ordered lilac paint for the shading, I should receive it soon! - the golden tan suede for the tabard, with red paint and burgundy paint (the burgundy is a bit too pink so I'll try mixing the two). - I'll soon have lightsabers!! *w* Someone awesome is 3D-printing them for me, he's already made one of them you can see it here: http://www.cosplayforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=46235&p=875469#p875469 They look soooo beautiful!! - a Graftobian bald cap, with the whole kit that goes with it. I haven't tried it yet. I think I'm gonna buy Prosaide and use it instead of the spirit gum that was in the kit, since it was recommended in other threads. - lots of make-up - which I hardly know how to use lol, but I've received tons of advice on another forum (eyeshadows in white, black and various purple, nail paint, eyeliner, lipstick, invisible powder...) I've tried the make-up once already for training (without the grey-white paint for now). The result wasn't super awesome but I'll train more! http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/26/1435258984-img-1122.jpg I want to buy a lot more baldcaps, since I want to train several times putting it on, and then I want to wear my costume often. I was considering buying a pack of 8 to PinkStylish, has any of you already try his caps? (http://charlie-short.com/shop_baldcaps08.html) Graftobian doesn't sell several caps at once I think, so I'll probably try those, unless you recommend something else For the body paint, I was thinking on buying Ben Nye Magicolor Liquid Paint. I've tried it already in green, for a costume of Maleficent. I looked nice and stayed very well on my face even though it was one of the hottest day of the year in Paris and I sweat a lot. The paint entirely rubbed off my arms, but that's because my arms were constantly rubbing against my cloak. No paint could have resist that x) With Ventress outfit though, there will be no such rubbing, so it should be fine I've seen some of you use an airbrush: what are the advantages, compared to a fondation brush or a puff? I've seen some veeeery expensive airbrushes online so it's scaring me a bit lol. Does it look better with the airbrush? is it easier to apply? Do you think a 15€ airbrush would work fine, or are the expensive ones really better? For my Maleficent costume I used a fondation brush. It wasn't very homogeneous on the first layer, but with several layers of paint it looked just fine. Maybe it's more difficult to paint the cap though, I don't know. Finally (for now ^^), I would like your advice for the fabrics of the midnight blue top. I know nothing of fabrics, do you recommend a fabric in particular? Thank you!!!!
  4. Hello there. I'm Erika and with the Help of Carol and her fantastic (and just as Star Warsy) family I'd like to write the crl,s to one of my very favorite character arcs. The fabric has been ordered thanks to Cornflower.com, and we have chosen the faux suede, I've acquired the helmed from NME props on good authority they won't be selling ant more for a good 8 weeks. Im excited for the shoulders, boots, and blu parts as I'm used to sintra work as I'm also a mandalorian merc. I'm also excited that I will be able to be able to push a button and get her helmet to rise just like on The Clone Wars. Being a 3 time cancer survivor, bald won't bother me at all
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