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  1. I made a really lucky find this morning! I found a see-throughish spandex at Wherehouse fabrics that matches the satin I've had my eye on at another store. The spandex is on the bottom in the right photo. I feel like it's a good match to the Unseen, Unheard and concept art version. Finding the right dress and veil fabrics has been what's worried me most about being able to get this costume done, so that's a big relief. I've found a black backed vinyl at Joann's might good for the outer dress. It has a nice drape and a slight sheen. It does have a slightly "pebbled" texture, and I'm not sure if that's approvable. I don't think that it will interfere with overall look or the pinwheel patterning. This is it. I'll take better pictures than what the website has next time I go back to a store. (If the pebbling isn't an automatic disqualification.) I'm not going to start sewing this til sometime in the fall, so while I'll keep looking for the right outer dress and belt fabric, my main concern for the time being is going to be looking for a lightsaber. I know it's an optional accessory for this costume, but I really want a red saber. >_> Would anyone with an approved KoTOR style / Visas sabers be able to recommend a sabersmith? I'm not comfortable building one myself, so it would be my preference to commission one.
  2. Bummer, I was going to use the same skirt for both and make different tops to save even more fabric. :/ But having two different colors of fabric will increase the odds of actually finding one. I'll be making a trip out to the Dallas fabric district in about two weeks. I'm really lucky that there's a warehouse sized store devoted to quinceañera/bridal fabrics out here. I'm hoping I'll have a pile of fabric (or two!) to post afterwards.
  3. Hello, long time lurker here, and I’m finally getting ready to start my Visas Marr build! This will be my entry costume for the 501st. I am interested in making both the Unseen Unheard and KoTOR II versions of the outfit. Ideally I would like to use the same veil for both costumes. However I have noticed that the CRL for the dress color is listed differently between the two. The KoTOR II is listed as being a “dark red”, and the Unseen, Unheard variation is listed as being a “dark burgundy”. Unlike the sashes, I can’t really notice a difference in the dress fabric. Is this wording arbitrary, or is there an important difference between the two dress colors that I’m not noticing on my monitor? I have most of my build planned out, and I already have my boots. I plan on doing the Unseen, Unheard variation first. The breezy sleeves will be better for troops here in Texas. ^^
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