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Application time!

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Hello hello, my fellow Revanites!

About a year and a bit, maybe closer to 2 years ago, I made a thread detailing my Revan build. I never really did finish the thread, despite working on the costume. I just sorta work and forget to take pictures about it all. Anyway, I have just finished my kit, it’s pretty well ready to go, and I’m going to be taking my pictures on Sunday. My question is, what kinds of pictures do it take? I have scoured this forum in search of the answer but have come up with no answers regarding my question. 


I’ve figured I could get away with a picture of both sides, front, and back, with and without my saber, as well as individual photos showcasing each piece listed in the crl. To those who have been approved, is that enough? Do you think I need more or different photos than those? 


if there is a place answering those questions for me, would someone give me directions? As I said, I’ve searched each section of the forum, and short of scouring hundred upon hundreds of pages of posts, I have yet to come up with an answer. 


Thanks ahead, and may the force be with you all. 

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