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Prospective Garrison Carida Darth Nihilus KOTOR

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Hey all! Getting everything together to get this going! This will be my first costume as I've been contemplating for months on what I want to do. Im a bigger guy but I think I can pull it off, with proportion of course! A big question I have is the Wicked Armor kit I stumbled upon. How is the quality? I've seen others getting approved with the kit but wanted to hear opinions here! Thanks all!

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That who I get my Darth Nihilus from and it's great. I would say don't get the gloves since it does not meet the crl. I did not like the black under makes so I bought a black out nylon mask on Amazonia us instead. But over all it's Great quality for the price.



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This is probably going to be a long post, so bear with me.  The MWA kit, in my opinion, is not acceptable for a Darth Nihilus costume.  Especially if you are wanting to do the KOTOR II version.  I'm going to assume that's the version you are talking about since it's in your topic.


1. The hood and cape are not correct.  The MWA kit has the hood and cape as one piece it's just pleated to make it look separate.  There should be a separate hood and cape.


2. The tunic in the MWA kit is a cross over style tunic with quilted sleeves.  For KOTOR II it should be a plain tunic with padding, and the cape is sew directly to the tunic.  The sleeves should be plain.


3. The skirt should by straight with no opening at all.  The MWA one has two skirts and they have openings in the front.


4. The MWA mask is not shaped correctly.


5. The MWA kit is heavily tattered.  The KOTOR II version should be clean with no tattering at all.


I've attached some game file images to show you how the KOTOR II version of Darth Nihilus should look.  I hope all of this helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.





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