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  1. Kiltmafia

    Darth Revan (WIP)

    Thanks as soon as you find out what they used that would be great. I got my sewing machine the other day and about to order sintra for the armor. I'm ready to go.
  2. Kiltmafia

    Darth Revan WIP

    Thanks I'll come up with a small list to send you tomorrow
  3. Kiltmafia

    Darth Revan WIP

    Thanks guys so much it's having issues posting pictures of anything on here so I'll figure out something to share my progress in the future. What heavy fabric are you guys using for the cape caplet and hood. I'm looking at rhino canvas black fabric I really like the pattern on it.
  4. Kiltmafia

    Darth Revan WIP

    I'm in the planning phase and looking to start building in the next month or 2. If there is a Revan costume mentor or expert please contact me I have questions and need help. I have sketches and if your comfortable I'd like to chat via Skype or Facebook so I can send images back and forth faster.
  5. Kiltmafia

    Darth Revan (WIP)

    I've started my planning phase of my Darth Revan. I have a few questions before I start putting things together. First thanks to anyone and everyone that helps. Question 1: what are some recommendations for materials on the cape, caplet, and hood. I was originally looking at rhino canvas black fabric. I want it to be as authentic as possible. I'm not worried about weight or heat. Question 2: suggested gloves and boots. As I am making 90% of this costume gloves and boots aren't one of them. Lol. I'll be thinking of many other questions soon.