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  1. Jessa

    Jessa's Eleena Daru build WIP

    So I decided my fabric was a bit too bright blue and started to look for something better. I found it at silktex. its an Australian website that send all over the world. This fabric has more of the grey in it that I was looking for and it also is a tiny bit shiny like you see in the high res images of Eleena. The new fabric is on the right and my old fabric is on the left. I ordered 2 meters, lets see if that is enough.
  2. Jessa

    Jessa's Eleena Daru build WIP

    Thanks heaps! Has anyone been able find gloves for Eleena? I've looked online and can't find anything suitable, I really don't want to have to make some.
  3. Hey all, my name is Jess and I am from Outpost 42 New Zealand Garrison. Currently I have a Juno Eclipse Rogue Shadow and Stormtrooper commander. I have started an Eleena Daru build from scratch and here is some WIP pictures. This is just the beginning am I hope to soon get a few more bits and bobs to make some more parts. Lekku: I sculpted these with clay and am brushing on the latex. I added colour to the latex before brushing it on, I am then going to pull them off the sculpt after a few layers, flip them inside out so they are nice and smooth and then stuff them with pillow stuffing. I am not looking forward to gluing them to head, I think with Eleena Daru glue would absolutely be needed because her headband does not go all the way around the back of her head. Because of this I need to make sure the back of the head look good and not rough. Fabric for the Jumpsuit: I found some blue stretch fabric which is pretty good I think. It is a bit more blue than in the game but honestly the fabric that she really wears is impossible to find. Black fabric for the legs and armour. I have a sort of scuba material which I bought thinking it would be great, but after reading the CRL again I realised it needs to be sort of shiny, rubber like. I found some really thin shiny leather-like material which could be good. Do you guys think this would be better than scuba? I will update this WIP when I do more. Please reply if you have any awesome ideas for any other parts. Jess