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  1. Jessa's Eleena Daru build WIP

    So I decided my fabric was a bit too bright blue and started to look for something better. I found it at silktex. its an Australian website that send all over the world. This fabric has more of the grey in it that I was looking for and it also is a tiny bit shiny like you see in the high res images of Eleena. The new fabric is on the right and my old fabric is on the left. I ordered 2 meters, lets see if that is enough.
  2. Jessa's Eleena Daru build WIP

    Thanks heaps! Has anyone been able find gloves for Eleena? I've looked online and can't find anything suitable, I really don't want to have to make some.
  3. Hey all, my name is Jess and I am from Outpost 42 New Zealand Garrison. Currently I have a Juno Eclipse Rogue Shadow and Stormtrooper commander. I have started an Eleena Daru build from scratch and here is some WIP pictures. This is just the beginning am I hope to soon get a few more bits and bobs to make some more parts. Lekku: I sculpted these with clay and am brushing on the latex. I added colour to the latex before brushing it on, I am then going to pull them off the sculpt after a few layers, flip them inside out so they are nice and smooth and then stuff them with pillow stuffing. I am not looking forward to gluing them to head, I think with Eleena Daru glue would absolutely be needed because her headband does not go all the way around the back of her head. Because of this I need to make sure the back of the head look good and not rough. Fabric for the Jumpsuit: I found some blue stretch fabric which is pretty good I think. It is a bit more blue than in the game but honestly the fabric that she really wears is impossible to find. Black fabric for the legs and armour. I have a sort of scuba material which I bought thinking it would be great, but after reading the CRL again I realised it needs to be sort of shiny, rubber like. I found some really thin shiny leather-like material which could be good. Do you guys think this would be better than scuba? I will update this WIP when I do more. Please reply if you have any awesome ideas for any other parts. Jess