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  1. GreenGrass

    Revan's Lightsaber

    Hi! I am looking to add to my Darth Revan by buying a lightsaber. My original idea is Shock Le from Ultrasabers, but not even that is a perfect match. How strict are the 501st on the saber to be a perfect match? Or is it essentially only "fairly" similar and the right colour that counts? Thanks on beforehand!
  2. GreenGrass

    Armour Material ?

    Thank you! These are all very good tips. Time to go hunt some materials
  3. GreenGrass

    Armour Material ?

    Hi! So I've recently decided to dust off my old Revan cosplay and look into actually making it 501st approved, however, I've always been much better at sewing. Thus! My cloth parts are acceptable, but I am still having problems with the armour. My question is essentially, which material should I use for the armour parts? (And/or if that is damned, can I commission the armour set from somewhere?) Thanks on beforehand!