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  1. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Happy new year to all.... ! I wanna share some new picture about 1 of the Darth Revan LightSables. Please Enjoy it. PAINTED and ready to put electronics inside! Internal tube for the purpose of protecting the LEDs. It`s not the best but i can go to see the new movie with all the Group. NOTE: The TUSK on the mask have an accident... T_T Regards!!!
  2. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    ohh.... Thanks for the tip DarkValkyria !!! Let me send a new picture for the helmet. I don´t work yet with the Chest. Keep you posted!!!
  3. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi Darth !!! Sorry i dont understand good your message very good. I`m going to split the message for a better understanding. 1 - ""Things look good, though I'd say to make the shoulders a bit less pleated and more gathered, "" --> This is for the Armour Chest?? 2 - ""and make sure not to make the bottom of the mask flat."" --> Ok, this is for the New Mask. You mean a little curved its ok? (I going to send a new image in a few ours) 3 - ""That model is not acceptable as it was a fan-made file mod to the original game (make sure you have the points at the bottom like the v1 you made)." --> This is with reference to the new model if it is not curved? THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME, FEEDBACK and HELP !!! Best REGARDS !!
  4. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Well, it´s the turn of the Mask 2.0 version. New material, new ideas and an Excelent handwork of a very good friend Agustin Aguirre. Start the procedural works: to be continued....
  5. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Finishing the report of everything I did in this time of being missing, I would like to show the armor now. We start with the design of the basic form in cardboard Time to model and make the mold. Time to use resin! Unmold and see what can be fixed! Now with this we have a basis to work and start modeling the armor. Unfortunately I could not bring this piece in the move to Argentina since it took a lot of place and weighed a lot because I used a bad resin, but it was the best I got back then. The good thing that I learned the things that I should not do. Greetings to all and thanks for everything! P.S.: Now we need to share with you detailed photos the 2 lightsabers for Revan made by a great friend Agustin Aguirre.
  6. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi Guys, Its me again with more about this project, now i share with you all the Mask. Mask concept in 3D found it for Pepakura Mask Building Now, its time to fix some details Some reinforcement Now its time to put some Clue to endure the Helmet Template Time to put Resin!!! Time to put some Putty After some Sand works (Not finished) Now, i have problem with the Resin i build and after the trip to Argentina he was damaged. Agustin Aguirre a friend of mine it´s helping me to Fix and made some convertion to this, the first model. Tahanks a lot an beest regards!
  7. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Today I want to share with you the gloves and the bracers. Although the bracelets could not take them to Argentina I could in this test make several tests with neodymium magnets and the structure itself of the bracers. Remember, this is considered as TEST, the final version I have to do it again. By the way this gave me gave me many ideas for future costumes .... if yes ... I have thought minimos 2 more ...! (Insert evil laugh here) Let's start by marking the tube for cuts. Cut, tested and corrected error (I added a little more plastic on both sides to close well by my arm) View of the total of the piece cut (Please ignore those marks with a marker, they are for another armor and an idea that came up for me later) After joining everything, sand and put first, the final test is done. Well, I hope you liked this friends that I shared with the greatest of tastes. As in Argentina on Monday is a holiday, I say goodbye to you until a minimum on Tuesday and have an excellent weekend. Norhiak out!
  8. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all again, I could not show the evolution of the suit. So I sent them the pictures of the costume and the cape and added at the end a small video that I made the dressmaker Yineth Urrego that helped me with the suit, she lives in Bogota, Colombia and is not only very skilled and recommended, he is an excellent person and I can not not mention his labor. Lets start.. Testing Clothes ook.................... Now, lets share with you huys the final works.... ta ta tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... NOTE: I don´t use the balaclava, i forgot use that day. SORRY!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont take too many photos, sorry.... and finally the Video. I put here the Link: https://www.4shared.com/video/Lk0ynTr0ca/Clothes__Cape_TEST.html I hope you enjoy this.... im very happy and very exited in finish this project. Best Regards to all
  9. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Today i wanna share another part of the project... Today is the time for gloves and plates. Gloves buy it in Macy´s on Memphis, Mississippi Gloves fitting Now its time of PLATE (Test1) Build process Time to made some modifications Time to sand work Well, now i need use some putty and start to primer and paint. But not for now, i need finish all the other parts. See you tomorrow
  10. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi again, Im very happy today sharing this with you guys.... I do not want to be very annoying uploading this backward material, so I will go up 1 or 2 per day depending on the amount of time I have until I can leave all the photos uploaded as my suit goes now. Now... its time of the O-Ring or Main Ring. I'm going to put some pictures of the creation process of the ring echo 100% in 2 component resin. All start drawing circles... Basic Shape - Rings Basic Shape - Inside Circles Mold Phase 1 Mold Phase 2, shot 1 Mold Phase 2, shot 2 Filled with the Resin Now it's time to make some holes, sand and polish a bit. More sand works Drill lateral holes I dont take the final photos of the sand works... Best Regards to all and have a good Weekend!! See you the Monday with new photos.
  11. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Very good, then I modify as little as possible. Thanks for the help.
  12. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi again!!! Well.... i watn share with you the fisrt item in the List... BOOTS ! Entrusted to a highly recommended company in Bogota, Colombia to be made by hand. Company: Calzado Jarglo Address: Calle 15 #77b - 75, Bogotá, Colombia Telephone: +57 5 2511129
  13. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Helo all, Im move the first Post to here because in the first post i wanna share the all progress of the works. In this Post i´m try to send picture and ask for advise for my works. All help or suggestion are really good accepted. Before start i need say "Thanks to Agustin Aguirre, he live in Argentina and its very good working with the sable and the Lathe (spanish word: TORNO)". ***** All Status at 04-03-2016 ***** Lightsaber 1 "Red Blade" * Constrution: 90% ( Remain drill holes for buttons) * Decorations: Ready for paint * Electronic: Development status 70% Some Pics: Need some approval for continue: * No count the Screw for the Blade. Its ok, my idea? I can isntall to a RISE Port, but i dont know where installl it. what you say people? Also i dont know if im install the covertec. Any suggestion? Painting: I´m wan use this colors but.... the color like Brown i want use Gold, its ok? Lightsaber 2 "Purple Blade" * Constrution: Waiting to Agustin aguirre send me the Saber. Ready tubes and another accesories. * Electronic: Development status 70% Painting; This is my concept idea, i dont see the finished work yet. Agustin is killing me, he dont send me nothing to see. Well, i hope all like my works. Please feel free to made suggestion, im very open minded. BEST REGARDS TO ALL !!
  14. Hi Yankee71...! I'm finishing the suit, due to the trip I had problems with finishing it, if it seems good while I talk to the person who receives the costumes here in Argentina. If you agree... I like upload pictures and tell of the progress of my project. On Sunday I will see one of the people of the Legion in Argentina and the other week I begin to contact me with the one who makes the reception process in this Garrison. I hope, Angela Castellanos from Colombia read this too.... ^_^ Best Regards PD: Excuse me for my bad English
  15. Hi all again, Sorry my AFK state in the forums but this year have a lot of change and well, im not living more in Colombia, im back to Argentina and im re-starting the project of Revan. Although my work was a little paused, I have been able to help Outpost Colombia in several missions and I have helped them as a yellow vest and photographer at the same time. They were very nice experiences and I really appreciate all the guys in that group. I even miss them right now and I just left Colombia no more than 2 months ago. I hope to upload periodic photos about the progress of the project that although some things were delayed, others had considerable progress. For the momment.. Best Regards to all and.... long live to the Legion