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  1. Soa

    WIP Mara Jade

    Thanks for the feedback, I know she will wear the cape most of the time, I also opted for the cowl since the woman seeing them for us said she would do it for 10 bucks. I'm all about options. I will tinker with the straps a bit more and see if I can get a tighter appearance. Her hair is hiding it but there are two metal slide buckles on the top straps. I'm thinking of also adding another loop on the back of the holster so it doesn't sag as much when it's worn. Again many thanks, and if you see anything I'm missing on overall appearance point it out. I'm used to just throwing on my TK, I know what is supposed to go where on that one, this one is very new to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Soa

    WIP Mara Jade

    Greetings, My wife has been putting together a MJ and I think we are close to the end. The only items we are waiting on now is the cowl and cape which should be ready Monday or Tuesday. I would like feedback from some of the more experienced peeps out there. I've got a couple of basic pictures, if you need further detailed pictures let me know and I'll get those shots posted. Thanks for taking the time to look and for any feedback or advice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk