Over the last two years, Disney Dreamlight Valley has featured a wealth of content based on various Disney and Pixar properties. A lot of major characters have been added to the game, but Gameloft has mostly avoided the worlds of Star Wars and the Muppets. That could change in the future, as Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft has released a new survey about the game, asking about several potential characters and licenses that players would like to see added. Among franchises like Robin Hood, Cars, and Cinderella, it also asks participants about Star Wars and the Muppets, and even lists potential character additions.

Mentions of Star Wars and the Muppets start 23 questions into the survey, in a question about the top three franchises the participant wants to see added. If the participant chooses Star Wars and Muppets from the list, the next questions will ask specifically how they might want to see these franchises represented: via DLC, new Realms, clothing options, or quest lines. The survey then gets into the nitty gritty, asking about specific characters they’d like to see added as new villagers. Grogu is the only Star Wars character listed (no Din Djarin?), while Kermit and Miss Piggy represent the Muppets side.

Back in 2022, ComicBook spoke with Gameloft’s Manea Castet about the possibility of Star Wars and Marvel characters appearing in the game. At the time, Castet said that the team was “closing no doors but there is no plan” for characters outside of the traditional Disney and Pixar umbrellas. This survey would seem to suggest that plans have changed a bit, and Gameloft might be looking to expand the types of characters and franchises seen in Dreamlight Valley.

Surveys have become a common way for Disney Dreamlight Valley to gauge the community’s interest in changes and new additions to the game before going through with them. In a survey back in January, the developers asked participants if they’d like to see rewards previously exclusive to Star Paths brought back via the Premium Shop. A few months later, Gameloft went through with that decision, so participants likely voted in favor. Basically, if you’re a fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley and you want characters like Grogu and Kermit added, you should go take the survey right here and let Gameloft know how you feel!

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