The ComicBook Nation crew reviews the A Quiet Place prequel Day One, and discuss The Acolyte’s big reveal of “The Stranger,” The Bear Season 3 and Suicide Squad Anime debuts, and some bloody new episodes of The Boys Season 4 and House of the Dragon Season 2.

PLUS: Geek news rundown includes the Batman: Caped Crusader trailer, Warner Bros. changing things up with HBO and Max, the Suicide Squad Isekai anime and what Marvel Studios needs to do in Hall H at SDCC to renew faith in the MCU!

A Quiet Place: Day One Review

Here’s what ComicBook Nation Host Kofi Outlaw had to say in his 2.5 (out of 5) star review of A Quiet Place: Day One:

Even by the end, given the story premise and where we know the connective threads (like Djimon Hounsou’s Henri) lead, there’s little to feel good about or celebrate. It’s a bad sign when concern for the animal protagonist is the driving force of a horror movie.

A Quiet Place: Day One would’ve been a compelling indie horror film about a doomed woman facing an apocalyptic situation, but after the heights the franchise has reached and all the promises that came with the prequel, the end result is a fine film that is comparatively the worst entry in an otherwise excellent horror franchise.

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