LEGO is adding to their lineup of Star Wars sets that celebrate the 25th anniversary of their partnership with Lucasfilm with the Creative Play Droid Builder (75392). It includes 1186 pieces that allow fans to build, customize, and mash up four classic Star War droids – R2-D2, Chopper (C1-10P), QT-KT and R5-J2. It also includes LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary minifigure of Young Princess Leia with her droid L0-LA59, aka Lola.

Accessories are a big part of the customization options, with a duck, cowboy hat, baseball cap, hat with flower, mustache, ice cream, balloon, glasses, bow, bow tie, headphones, 2 jet boosters and 2 stud shooters included in the set. Pre-orders are available now here at the LEGO Shop priced at $99.99 with a release date set for August 1st. Note that the LEGO Firework Celebrations set (40689) will come free with the order.


LEGO Star Wars Droid Builder Set


Keep in mind that this isn’t the only LEGO Star Wars release that’s available to pre-order right now. There are crazy LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy mashup sets, an Imperial Star Destroyer set that comes with 7 LEGO Star Wars minifigures, including a 25th anniversary minifigure of Cal Kestis, and more. The current list of LEGO Star Wars pre-orders for August 1st can be found below.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer – $159.99: Pre-order at LEGO

LEGO Star Wars The Dark Falcon – $179.99): Pre-order at LEGO

LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter & X-Wing Mash-up – $109.99: Pre-order at LEGO

LEGO Star Wars Droid Builder – $99.99: Pre-order at LEGO

LEGO Star Wars: The Force of Creativity Coffee Table Book – $149.99 (Ships on July 20th) – See at LEGO

You can check out all of the upcoming LEGO releases for July 1st 2024 right here.

“The LEGO Star Wars collaboration has enjoyed a most impressive 25 years with products, video games, animated content, big builds, merchandise, and more! We want to celebrate all those years and milestones with everyone who helped us get here, but especially with the fan community as we would never be where we are today without their creativity and passion,” says Mike Ilacqua, Head of Product at the LEGO Group.

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“It’s been 25 years of true fun combining Lucasfilm’s expansive Star Wars galaxy with the ingenuity of the LEGO Group, offering fans exciting ways to recreate their favorite scenes, vehicles and characters from our stories,” said Paul Southern, Senior Vice President, Lucasfilm Franchise and Licensing, Disney Experiences. “With the enthusiasm of our fans to engage with the Star Wars galaxy and express creativity through building, we look forward to continuing the legacy of fun for decades to come.”


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