Star Wars: The Acolyte Episode 5 “Night” finally revealed “The Master” in all his dark side power. By the end of the episode, The Master’s identity was revealed, and Star Wars fans had whole new theories about how this new villain connects to another iconic villain group from the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy!


The Acolyte reveals that The Master is actually Qimir (Manny Jacinto), the supposed former smuggler who assisted Mae (Amandla Stenberg) in assassinating her Jedi targets. When Qimir reveals himself as The Master, he wears a set of armored gauntlets and a helmet made with Cortosis-weave, an ancient material that shorts out lightsabers by causing energy feedback. The design of Qimir’s helmet, his armor, lightsaber weapon, and brawler fighting style made a lot fans wonder: is this really a Sith lord we’re seeing, or perhaps the precursor to what will one day become a fearsome band of dark side warriors…

Star Wars: Did Qimir Inspire the Knights of Ren?

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The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy introduced the Knights of Ren, an “enclave” of dark side warriors who followed the lightsaber battle philosophy of their leader, Ren, a human Force-sensitive warrior who embraced the dark side, which he referred to as “The Shadow.” The Knights of Ren were active during the latter days of the Galactic Civil War, through the New Republic Era and into the era of the First Order-Resistance War. Before Ben Solo killed Ren in a duel and took the mantle of leadership, it was hinted that Ren wasn’t so much the man’s name, but a title that had been taken, after “Ren” killed his predecessor and usurped his identity.

Like so many aspects of the Star Wars Sequels, the Knight of Ren were ultimately viewed as disappointments, as their backstory and importance was never made clear. Star Wars has been finding ways to add relevance to them ever since; they were retconned into stories like battling Luke Skywalker and a young Ben Solo – or pulling a heist at Castle Vader for Lady Qi’ra and her Crimson Dawn syndicate. Taking their origins all the way back to the High Republic would be par for the course.

Why Qimir May Be The Original Knight of Ren

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The Knights of Ren have been characterized as wearing dark-colored armor and helmets, with every member concealing his/her/their true identity. The Knights have also been shown to be raiders of lost or forgotten artifacts – especially armor and weapons specifically designed to counter or kill Jedi.

All those details fit in line with The Acolyte’s depiction of Qimir as The Master. He his Cortosis armor is an ancient relic designed for fighting Jedi; he has the red lightsaber with a second dagger hidden in the hilt; and concealing his identity and wearing an intricately-designed helmet is what he’s all about. More importantly, Qimir’s monologue about wanting to live free and use his power as he saw fit – outside of Jedi mandate – sounds like the philosophy of the Knights of Ren.

And even though Qimir tells Sol that the Jedi would call him “Sith,” Star Wars fans have pointed out that Qimir and the Jedi probably no longer have knowledge of what a true Sith Lord is. Could the Acolyte be saving that distinction for its final twist?

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