The Acolyte’s Pip is such a helpful droid that he’ll even hold your place in your favorite book.

From Jedi Masters to dark and mysterious figures, there are a lot of fascinating new characters in the galaxy far, far away to discover in The Acolyte. But few will capture your heart as quickly as Pip, the palm-sized repair droid who’s always happy to suggest the right tool for the job.

When it’s time to sit back with your favorite novel set in The High Republic, Pip knows you need to keep your spot safe. In fact, he volunteers for the job! Here’s the how-to for creating a little Pip of your very own — as a trusty bookmark.

What You’ll Need

Pip bookmark template

● Sheet of white cardstock paper (optional)

● Scissors

● Craft knife

● Pencil

● Sheet of orange cardstock paper

● Sheet of matte silver or gray cardstock paper

● One sheet each of bright blue, dark gray, black, and holographic cardstock paper

● School glue

● White, orange, and yellow enamel dot stickers

● Paper hole punch

● Silver thread

● Round silver bead

● Thin black permanent marker

Get Started!

The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Step 1: Download the Pip bookmark template. If you have a sheet of white cardstock paper, load it into your printer and print the template. (Regular printer paper will also work.)

Step 2: Use the craft knife to carefully cut out the inside of the frame template piece first, then use the scissors to cut out all pieces from the template.

Step 3: Trace the frame template on a piece of orange cardstock paper. Like before, cut out the inside piece first with the craft knife before cutting around the outside of the piece with scissors.

Step 4: Next, trace the rounded rectangle bookmark template piece on the back side of the silver cardstock paper. Cut it out with scissors.

Step 5: Trace and cut out the half-rounded rectangle shape from the blue cardstock paper.

Step 6: Trace and cut out the smaller rounded rectangle shape from the dark gray cardstock paper.

Step 7: Next, use the scissors to cut out a strip of the holographic paper about 0.75 inches tall. Cut two small rectangles off the end, each about 0.25 inches wide.

Step 8: Glue the two holographic rectangles to a corner of the black paper and let the glue dry.

Step 9: Cut a small rectangle from the matte silver paper, about 0.75 inches wide and 0.5 inches tall.

Step 10: Stick the three enamel dot stickers – one white, one yellow, and one orange – on the small silver rectangle you just cut.

Step 11: Cut out the two holographic rectangles on the black paper together to make them one piece.

Step 12: Cut a small rectangle from the dark gray paper an inch in width and 0.25 inches tall.

Step 13: Trace and cut out the final template shape, the trapezoid, from the black cardstock paper.

Step 14: Cut a small rectangle from the black cardstock paper the same length and about half the height of the silver rectangle with the enamel dots. Your pieces are complete and ready to assemble!

Step 15: Turn the bookmark lengthwise. Line up the orange frame flush with the left edge of the silver matte bookmark base and glue it in place. (There will be a gap of silver paper on the right side.) Let the glue dry.

Step 16: Glue the blue half-rounded rectangle on top of the inner edge on the left side of the bookmark. Glue the black piece with the holographic rectangles in the center of the blue piece. Let the glue dry.

Step 17: Glue the dark gray rounded rectangle inside the right half of the orange frame. Let the glue dry, then use the pencil to draw straight lines evenly spaced apart on the dark gray piece.

Tip: You can use a ruler to mark the spacing before you draw.

Step 18: Glue the small dark gray rectangle to the left of the blue piece, lined up parallel to the left edge of the bookmark.

Step 19: Glue the small black rectangle alongside the top right edge of the blue piece, and the silver rectangle with dot stickers alongside the bottom right edge.

Step 20: Glue the black trapezoid shape on the right edge of the orange frame. (This is the top of the bookmark.) Let all glue dry.

Tip: If the glue on the trapezoid isn’t dry, it might shift out of place during the next step!

Step 21: Use the paper hole punch to make a hole in the center of the black trapezoid.

Step 22: Cut a piece of silver string about five inches long. Fold it in half, lining up the two ends. Push the loop on the other end through the hole you punched, then pull the two ends through the loop to tie the string to the bookmark.

Step 23: Thread the two ends of the tied thread through the silver bead, then tie a knot to secure them together.

Step 24: Use the thin black permanent marker to draw two lines, about 0.25 inches in length, next to the small black rectangle.

Your Pip bookmark is complete! Who knows what new worlds you might discover during your literary adventures across the galaxy together?

Discover Pip and a galaxy of new characters in The Acolyte, with new episodes arriving Tuesdays on Disney+


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