Daisy Ridley’s latest project was playing Trudy Ederle in Young Woman and the Sea, but many know the star best as Rey from Star Wars. Ridley first played Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, and returned to the role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 2017 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. Last year, it was announced at Star Wars Celebration that she would be getting her own solo film. Since the news broke, Ridley has spoken about her decision to return to the franchise and shared some of her hopes for the film. While fans wait for the project to head into production, Ridley is channeling Rey in a different way: by going to Disneyland.

Ridley shared an encounter with Disneyland’s Rey on her Instagram stories in addition to a video of her checking out the ride, Rise of Resistance. While the stories have since expired, a Star Wars fan account shared the posts on Twitter. “Daisy Ridley meets Rey at Disneyland!” Star Wars Holocron captioned one post. “Daisy Ridley at Disneyland on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance,” they captioned another. You can check out the posts below:

Daisy Ridley meets Rey at Disneyland! pic.twitter.com/nUBMGnI7KK

— Star Wars Holocron (@sw_holocron) June 21, 2024

? Daisy Ridley at Disneyland on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ?? pic.twitter.com/GBL4xGjTFe

— Star Wars Holocron (@sw_holocron) June 21, 2024

Daisy Ridley Talks Star Wars Return:


Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Last Jedi.

– Lucasfilm)

In a recent interview with Empire, Ridley revealed how she decided to return to Star Wars.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision,” Ridley explained. “I didn’t say yes right away, Kathy [Kennedy, Lucasfilm president] was like, ‘Take as long as you need.’ It was actually really funny, on the way there [to meet Kennedy], I was on the phone to my best friend and he goes, ‘Oh my God, Dais, imagine if they’re doing a Rey TV show.’ And I was like, ‘Nah, we’re literally just going for breakfast.’ And then I called him and I was like, ‘You will never guess what.'”

“Why wouldn’t I [do it]?” she added. “Yes, they have been divisive, but also they bring a lot of love and joy to a lot of people. It feels pretty amazing to be able to continue a character – like, can I even remember how to play her? It’s an interesting challenge as an actor to come back to something and try to figure out what’s changed for me and what’s changed for her.”

“I honestly have no idea,” she added when asked about her hopes for Rey’s arc. “I know the story beats, but other than that, I’m not sure what it’s going to be. But I’m reading a script next month. I’m curious about it all.”

“Coming in a bit more eyes wide open, I suppose I feel more like I’m owning it,” Ridley continued. “I suppose I owned it the first time. Basically, I’m an adult now. I certainly did not feel like an adult at the time. Obviously, personally, things have changed, and professionally, I’ve had lots of other experiences, and so I definitely feel like it’s a different thing this time. There’s just a lot of joy with me and these films. Honestly, if I wasn’t excited, I wouldn’t have done it. It feels like a great thing to be part of.”

Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming Rey movie.


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