Plus, today you and your younglings can enjoy new Nubs shorts with the brand-new Fun with Nubs digital series.

Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and everyone’s favorite Pooba, Nubs, are ready for a new mission in Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Season 2!

Mark your calendars, because the first episodes in the second season of Lucasfilm’s original animated series will debut on Disney+ and Disney Jr. on Wednesday, August 14, with the second half of the season coming in early 2025. And if your own little Padawans simply cannot wait that long, the new Fun with Nubs digital series arrives today, available on, with new Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures shorts to follow available on Disney Jr. and Disney+ on August 2!

Set 200 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, during the High Republic era, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures follows Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs as they study the ways of the Force, learn from Jedi Master Yoda, explore the galaxy, and help citizens and creatures in need. In Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Season 2, the younglings will continue their training and embark on even bigger missions across the galaxy. Helping to lead the younglings on these missions is Master Zia’s new Padawan, Wes Vinik, and his astromech R0-M1.

Produced by Lucasfilm in collaboration with Wild Canary for Disney+ and Disney Jr., Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is executive produced by Lucasfilm’s James Waugh, Jacqui Lopez, and Josh Rimes. Michael Olson is showrunner and executive producer; Elliot M. Bour is supervising director and co-executive producer; and Lamont Magee is consulting producer. Production Services by Icon Creative.

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures stars JeCobi Swain as Kai Brightstar, Juliet Donenfeld as Lys Solay, Dee Bradley Baker as Nubs, Emma Berman as Nash Durango, Trey Murphy as Taborr/Cyrus Vuundir, Nasim Pedrad as Master Zia Zanna, Gunnar Sizemore as Wes Vinik, and Piotr Michael as Master Yoda.

Share your love of Star Wars with the younglings in your life with Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures and Fun with Nubs.


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