Star Wars: The Acolyte got off to a lightning-fast start with its two-episode Disney+ premiere on Tuesday night. The series gave fans little time to dive into the story before putting them directly in the middle of an electrifying duel between two Force-users, a fight that had a conclusion most probably weren’t expecting. In fact, there were two such unexpected moments in the first two episodes of The Acolyte, resulting in the potential death of two characters that seemed like they’d be pretty important. Are they both really gone for good?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the first two episodes of Star Wars: The Acolyte! Continue reading at your own risk…

The first two episodes of The Acolyte see not one, but two Jedi killed by the assassin Mae, both played by notable actors. Jedi Master Indara, played by The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss, died by Mae’s hand in that opening fight. In the second episode, she convinces Jedi Master Tobin (Game of Thrones alum Dean-Charles Chapman) to take his own life by ingesting poison. Does this mean both Moss and Chapman are done with the show already?

Fortunately, the two actors will continue to appear in The Acolyte Season 1, though their characters are definitely dead. As we’ve seen in the trailers for the new Star Wars series, the story takes place over several years, and it appears Mae’s history with these Jedi goes back quite a ways. Footage and stills that have already been released show younger versions of both Indara and Tobin in other scenes, so we will surely encounter them in some kind of past timeline.

As far as the future of the story is concerned, though, the demise of both Jedi feels pretty definitive.

Set during The High Republic, Star Wars: The Acolyte delivers an investigation into a mysterious string of crimes, which pits a Jedi master against his former apprentice in a race to uncover the truth. The more that the pair learn about the situation, the darker their journey becomes, as they confront things that darker than either of them could have imagined.

The series stars Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, Manny Jacinto, Dafne Keen, Charlie Barnett, Jodie Turner-Smith, Rebecca Henderson, Dean-Charles Chapman, Joonas Suotamo, and Carrie-Anne Moss. The first two episodes of Star Wars: The Acolyte are now streaming on Disney+.


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