After what seemed like an agonizingly long wait, Star Wars: Hunters is now available. The game landed on Nintendo Switch and mobile earlier today, offering new multiplayer battles set on the planet Vespaara. Players should not expect to see characters like Han Solo, Din Djarin, or Rey Skywalker; instead the game features a completely original cast that fit into various Star Wars character types, including Jedi, Sith, Droids, and Bounty Hunters. In celebration of the game’s release, Zynga and LucasFilm Games released a launch trailer. It doesn’t feature any actual gameplay, instead focusing on the game’s cast and how they interact with one another inside (and outside) the arena.

The launch trailer for Star Wars: Hunters can be found below.

A New Cast of Star Wars Characters

As can be seen from the trailer, the game features some really unique character designs! The game is set after the events of the Galactic Civil War, and battles between these characters are being broadcast as entertainment throughout the galaxy. In a press release, Zynga VP Sam Cooper talked about the character lineup in Star Wars: Hunters.

“We are thrilled to finally welcome fans across the globe to Vespaara and introduce them to our incredible lineup of Hunters,” said Cooper. “Matches in our game are easy to hop into, but hard to master. We can’t wait to see the action as players duke it out in the Arena. Good luck, the galaxy is watching!”

Star Wars: Hunters Pricing

Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play game, which means players can download it without any starting cost, but there are a number of microtransactions found throughout. When players begin the game, they’ll immediately unlock the Bounty Hunter Imara Vex, and they’ll be able to unlock additional Hunters by playing matches (after a couple wins, I unlocked a Stormtrooper named Sentinel). Players that want to speed up the process can unlock additional Hunters by spending Crystals, an in-game currency.

The Nintendo Switch version of Star Wars: Hunters has an exclusive costume for Imara Vex, as well as a special weapon wrap. The Shift Veteran costume is a sleek white design that can be claimed through the message of the day pop-up. The Switch eShop currently has a Star Wars: Hunters Bounty Bundle, which includes the Plum costume and wrap for Imara Vex, alongside a Victory Pose, Sticker, and 500 Crystals. The bundle costs $14.99. The microtransactions could frustrate some players, but hopefully Zynga will offer a steady stream of content to keep Star Wars fans engaged.

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