Star Wars: The Acolyte Star Charlie Barnett Reveals Yord is From Alderaan

It was an epic yet sad week for Star Wars fans as the fifth episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte, “Night,” blew viewers away with its extravagant lightsaber fights and huge reveals. Warning: Spoilers for The Acolyte Episode 5 ahead… Qimir (Manny Jacinto) was confirmed to be the masked “Sith” stranger, and he fought and […]

LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary Droid Builder Set Available To Pre-Order Now

LEGO is adding to their lineup of Star Wars sets that celebrate the 25th anniversary of their partnership with Lucasfilm with the Creative Play Droid Builder (75392). It includes 1186 pieces that allow fans to build, customize, and mash up four classic Star War droids – R2-D2, Chopper (C1-10P), QT-KT and R5-J2. It also includes […]

Star Wars The Black Series Rebel Trooper and Stormtrooper 2-Pack Pre-Orders Are Up

(Photo: Star Wars The Black Series Rebel Trooper and Stormtrooper 2-pack ) The Acolyte The Black Series Darth Teeth Helmet was the big Star Wars release from Hasbro this week, but they also snuck in The Black Series Rebel Trooper and Stormtrooper 2-pack, which makes troop building for the Rebels and the Empire super convenient. […]

Star Wars: Acolyte Reveals How Sith Weapon Helped the Master

Star Wars: The Acolyte‘ explained how the mysterious Sith Lord from the latest episode managed to deactivate so many of the heroes’ lightsabers in the most recent episode. Manny Jacinto‘s Qimir is revealed to be The Stranger, a sinister helmet-wearing force user who can render lightsabers irrelevant in a fight. His cortosis gauntlet and helmet […]

The Acolyte’s Manny Jacinto Shows Off BTS Footage of Impressive Fight Training

We’re more than halfway through the first season of Star Wars: The Acolyte, the latest Star Wars series to make its debut on Disney+. The Acolyte‘s fifth episode delivered no shortage of jaw-dropping moments, including the unmasking of the villainous The Stranger as Qimir (Manny Jacinto). This reveal, coupled with the surprising deaths and lightsaber […]

Star Wars: The Acolyte Fans Are Thirsting Over Franchise’s Newest Villain

The journey to Star Wars: The Acolyte‘s fifth episode has been an interesting one on social media. After the first two episodes dropped, fans immediately fell in love with Yord (Charlie Barnett) and created the Yord Horde. After the show’s fourth episode, fans started referring to the masked Sith stranger as “Darth Teeth.” Warning: Spoilers […]

The Acolyte Showrunner Teases Whether We’ll Learn The Stranger’s Backstory

In its fifth episode, Star Wars: The Acolyte finally pulled back the curtain on its big villain. The unmasking twist wasn’t a massive surprise, with plenty of fans guessing the Stranger’s identity ahead of time, but the devastating way in which the reveal was executed helped make it such a memorable sequence. We know exactly […]

The Acolyte Showrunner Teases “Four to Five” Major Mysteries for Possible Season 2

Thus far, Star Wars: The Acolyte has been a unique, no-holds-barred take on the Star Wars universe, weaving together a High Republic era story that has kept fans guessing. Amid the show’s successful streaming numbers and critical response, the question has remained of whether or not The Acolyte could continue into a second season — […]