Hayden Christensen and Rosario Dawson are reminiscing on their reunion in Star Wars: Ahsoka. The first season of the Disney+ series featured a long-awaited reunion between Dawson’s lead character Ahsoka and Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker in the episode titled “Shadow Warrior.” After watching Ahsoka and Anakin for multiple seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it was satisfying for fans to see them back together again in live action. However, both stars revealed they were already familiar with each other prior to Ahsoka.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Hayden Christensen and Rosario Dawson recapped their history together, which includes being students at New York City’s Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in the summer of 1995. “I had just started acting,” Dawson told Entertainment Weekly. “Kids was in the theaters, and my grandmother was like, ‘If you’re going to take this seriously, you go to acting class.’ She could afford one semester, and in those couple of weeks over that summer I got to meet Hayden and do a class where I learned how to really feel a drop of water hit my head and drip down my body. I learned how to go method!”

Dawson then recalled her reaction when she found out Christensen would be playing Anakin, aka the future Darth Vader in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. “I remember thinking it was going to be quite the performance, because he is one of the nicest human beings you could possibly meet. I was so proud and so happy for him,” she said.

“We never could have imagined we’d be here doing this together,” Dawson said while laughing. “It is a pretty cool thing to know that we have a history that we were able to play with and actually engage with, and that there is a history there that didn’t have to get made up.”

“It’s really been a very special experience for us to get to reunite on this project,” Christensen added, “and to get to play these characters that have the history to their relationship that they do, and get to explore some of that with someone that I’ve known for quite a while myself.”

Rosario Dawson shares Ahsoka Season 2 excitement

Back in April, Rosario Dawson and Mark Hamill reunited to record a special Fright Night episode of Manifest Media’s Table Read podcast. ComicBook attended the recording, and we asked Dawson if she had any Ahsoka Season 2 updates to share.

“Nope,” Dawson replied when asked if she’s read anything from Ahsoka Season 2. “Hugely so,” she said about being excited to continue the series. “I mean, it’s a big deal. It’s huge. I love everyone. It’s an incredible cast. It’s a great group of people and we get more Ahsoka, we get more Sabine. We get more of these characters in a way that – and as much as we’ve watched all of the previous shows and everything – it’s new storytelling, which is just insane to me. So I hope there’s new costumes and I want to know what’s going on.”


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