Star Wars Day aka May the 4th 2024 was jam-packed with new product reveals, but this new Star Wars Death Star wall panel light is awesome enough to warrant special attention. In addition to the Death Star aesthetic, the light can change from white to red with a remote control. It even features a setting that dynamically responds to music and other sounds. It measures roughly 49-inches tall.

Naturally, this Star Wars wall light would be ideal for a home theater, game room, collection room, Halloween decor, and so on. However, you could probably get away with incorporating it into a general living space. The average person might not pick up on the fact that it has a Star Wars theme, though we have no doubt that it will be noticed by pretty much everyone that sees it.

You can pre-order Star Wars Death Star Wall Panel Light from Paladone here at Entertainment Earth for $149.99 with free US shipping. Note that the light was developed in collaboration with Entertainment Earth, and it’s eligible for their Star Wars Day discount. Star Wars orders over $100 are eligible for discounts of $10 – $50 through today, May 6th. Also, keep in mind that a USB cable is included for operation.

See the Star Wars Death Star Panel Wall Light at Entertainment Earth

“Experience the thrill of the Death Star in your own home. Equipped with color-changing capabilities and innovative music-reactive modes, this light dynamically responds to sound and music, immersing you in the intense drama of Star Wars. Whether you’re setting the mood for a movie night, adding a cosmic touch to your Halloween decor, or elevating your everyday home ambiance, this light is an essential for fans and interior design enthusiasts alike.

Featuring a convenient remote control for effortless operation, this piece allows you to navigate the galaxy with the touch of a button. Let your friends and fellow Star Wars aficionados marvel at its unique design and interactive features, making it a conversation starter and a standout in any collection. Setup is a breeze too, thanks to the included USB cable.”



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