It’s May 4th, better known to Star Wars fans as, well, Star Wars Day and this year, Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill paid a visit to the White House in what he described as a “make-believe defender of the galaxy” meeting a “real-life defender of democracy”. On social media, Hamill shared a photo of himself with President Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Hamill also told press (via USA Today) that his visit this year, while not his first to the White House, was the first time he’d ever been to the Oval Office.

“I was honored to be asked to come to the White House to meet the President, the most legislatively successful president in my lifetime,” Hamill said. He went on to say that the president had said that he could call him “Joe” but Hamill asked if he could call him “Joe-Bi-Wan-Kenobi”.

“He liked that,” Hamill said.

Star Wars: The Acolyte Got a New Poster, Trailer For Star Wars Day

Hamill visiting the White House wasn’t the only way that Star Wars Day was celebrated by and for fans of the beloved franchise. On Saturday, Star Wars: The Acolyte got a new trailer and poster for the upcoming series to mark the day. The series is set to take place in The High Republic and, according to series creator Leslie Headland, will honor all eras of Star Wars and include elements from across the franchise so there is something truly for every Star Wars fan.

“It’s a show packed with everything I wanted to explore: I wanted EU [Expanded Universe] stuff in there, references to the original trilogy, The Phantom Menace, the Disney sequels… it’s absolutely packed. Because you never know, you may not get the chance again,” Headland said previously.

“[Cinematographer] Chris [Teague] and I talked a lot about honoring George Lucas’ camera moves,” the showrunner continued. “I would say the original trilogy became our touchpoint for how to craft the world, while the Episode I-ness of the show is a bit more thematic.”

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew‘s Release Window Was Also Just Revealed

On Friday, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, the next big Star Wars series to land on Disney+, was given an official release window with the series set to arrive sometime during this holiday season. Skeleton Crew will star Jude Law and Kerry Condon and will focus on a young generation of characters in a galaxy far, far away. Season 1 of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is set to consist of eight episodes.

“Jon Watts came to me, very much wanting to do a sort of Goonies in Star Wars,” Kennedy told ComicBook at least year’s Star Wars Celebration. “Needless to say, I’m going to say yes. And so, it’s just evolved out of that kind of enthusiasm in wanting to tell stories in this space.”



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