With the legacy that the Star Wars franchise has earned over nearly 50 years, for some actors and filmmakers, becoming an official part of the series could spoil other elements of enjoying the franchise as a fan. Actor Josh Gad has been involved with the galaxy far, far away in a number of promotional opportunities for the saga, and while he contributed a voice to Star Wars Rebels, he’s yet to become a significant part of a Star Wars project. While Gad expressed that he had an experience visiting the set of The Mandalorian and how that spoiled the debut of “Baby Yoda” initially, his passion for the franchise means he would “absolutely” become an official part of the saga, even if he was relegated to playing a member of Jabba the Hutt’s family.

While speaking with ComicBook.com about his recent Star Wars Day video regarding an OREO cookie fan theory, when asked about if he was interested in crossing the fandom threshold to become a part of the franchise, Gad confirmed, “Oh, yeah, absolutely. If they were to offer me Donnie the Hutt, like Jabba’s nephew or something like that, I would do it in a second.”

He added, “I will tell you that I have actually been on the flip side of this where I have been invited to numerous Star Wars sets, and have learned things way before the movies came out that I was actually very sad that I knew. I saw Baby Yoda about a year before anybody knew about Baby Yoda, so that was both cool, but also slightly disappointing because then I couldn’t be surprised.”

Interestingly enough, Gad isn’t the only person to recently express their interest in being involved in Star Wars by any means necessary, as Billie Lourd, who played Lieutenant Connix in the sequel trilogy, isn’t ready to put the franchise behind her entirely.

While speaking with ComicBook.com about her recent collaboration with eBay and her acting future with Star Wars, Lourd expressed, “Bring back Connix! I would love to bring back Connix. I would love to be involved in the universe in any way possible. I love being an ambassador. I wrote an essay, ‘The Keeper of Leia,’ and I love playing that role. I’m also obsessed, I’m a fangirl. I would do anything. I’ll be a creature, I’ll do whatever, run a droid and do the controls from behind the scenes. Anything I can do to be involved in this universe, I would do, because I just adore it so much.”

Stay tuned for updates on Gad’s possible future with Star Wars.

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