The Item Shop in Fortnite is filled with different Star Wars outfits, back blings, emotes, and much more now that the big May 4th celebrations are well underway, but not everything that you can get from this event will drain your V-Bucks in the Item Shop. While not nearly as big as some of the outfits like Lando and Chewbacca, Fortnite players can score some easy loot from Twitch by participating in a Twitch Drops campaign again, but this one looks a bit different compared to the usual ones where you just have to watch Fortnite streamers for a set amount of time.

This Twitch Drops campaign, by comparison, is a bit more interactive, but only for half of it. The first half of the new Twitch drops (and arguably the better half, too) can be acquired by just linking up your Epic Games and Twitch accounts. If you’ve done that in the past already for previous campaigns, you should automatically get the Growling Chewbacca emote, but if you haven’t, all you have to do is pair them together to get the emote below.

If you’re happy with your Twitch Drops loot after that, you can stop there, but if you want a new loading screen as well, you can take part in a virtual scavenger hunt where you have to watch Twitch streamers while they’re playing Fortnite and collect items that show up on your screen.

To get started, simply head over to Twitch and find Fortnite streamers that have the “Choose Your Side” Twitch extension enabled. Most who do have it will likely have it marked in the tags for their stream or the stream’s name itself, so it should be pretty easy to pick out who to watch. Once you find your streamer, just watch their stream and make sure to look for items that appear on-screen related to this Star Wars quest. If you see them, you have to click on them to add them to your collection, and once you’ve collected them all, you get the Galaxies Collide loading screen below.

“Be quick: you only have a limited time to click and catch the items, otherwise they’ll disappear and you’ll need to wait for them to show up again! You can see a list of all the items you’ve caught in the Collection tab of the extension,” the Epic Games announcement about these Twitch Drops warned. “Once you complete your collection on Twitch, you’ll be rewarded with the Galaxies Collide Loading Screen in Fortnite!”

Fortnite‘s new Twitch Drops for the Star Wars loot above are both live now.



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