Secretlab is getting into the Star Wars Day aka May the 4th game with the launch of a Jedi Edition SKINS product that will give your TITAN Evo chair an instant Star Wars makeover. In fact, your chair will be better dressed than you are. The fabric for the chair sleeve features a jacquard weave that’s inspired by the robe-like texture of a Jedi’s garb. It also includes the symbol of the Jedi Order stitched on the back with “May the Force be with you in Aurebesh below. It actually looks quite elegant for any chair, much less a gaming chair with a Star Wars theme.

The Jedi Edition release joins Secretlab’s Star Wars lineup, which includes dedicated TITAN Evo models like the Stormtrooper and Empire editions, and SKINZ inspired by Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett. If you’re unfamiliar, Secrelab’s SKINZ make it possible to customize your chair quickly, and are designed for a super precise fit on any TITAN Evo model. They can simply be removed and cleaned as needed, and might even make your chair a little more comfortable to sit in thanks to the extra padding.

Secretlab’s Star Wars Jedi Edition chair cover will be available here at the Secretlab website starting today, May 3rd priced at $199 list. Inside that link you’ll also find dozens of additional SKINS options. You can check out all of the biggest and best merch releases and deals for Star Wars Day 2024 right here via our master list.



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