The Home Depot has become a go-to retailer for elaborate and enormous holiday decorations in recent years, particularly for Halloween. Being that Star Wars Day aka May the 4th falls right around the halfway point for Halloween, it’s fitting that they plan to deliver something special for fans – something like a 7-foot tall animated, LED Darth Vader that includes accessories for Halloween, Christmas, and everyday display.

The Darth Vader will feature classic soundbites and sounds, lifelike animatronic movements, and interchangeable accessories for multiple holidays, including a red light saber, Death Star jack-O-lantern, candy cane light saber and a Death Star ornament.

At the time of writing, Home Depot hasn’t provided a specific launch time and location for the Darth Vader decoration, but it’s expected to drop at some point “early Saturday” on Star Wars Day / May the 4th priced at $299. Honestly, that seems like a pretty fantastic deal for something like this. For example, Sideshow’s life-size Darth Vader figure costs almost $9000 and it doesn’t even come with a candy cane lightsaber! That said, expect The Home Depot Darth Vader to sell out quickly, leaving lots of angry fans in its wake. Odds are it will go live here in Home Depot’s Halloween animatronics section, or here on their general Star Wars holiday page, and we suggest that you check for it early and often. If a specific launch time and location becomes available, this article will be updated. Stay tuned!

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