Fortnite players and Star Wars fans alike are worried for their wallets after seeing how many different Star Wars items the battle royale game and its spinoffs are going to get once the next massive update drops. From Lando Calrissian skins to Star Wars-themed LEGO builds and more, this update coming on May 3rd was already expected to be Fortnite‘s biggest Star Wars collab yet, and now that prices are starting to come out for the different bundles that’ll be offered in the Item Shop, players are realizing they’re going to have to spend wisely.

This is the first Star Wars event in Fortnite that’s transpired ever since Fortnite Festival, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing emerged last year, so even though cosmetics are cross-compatible with other games in several instances, you’ve still got unique things like music packs and car bodies that stand out for each individual game. As such, there are plenty of cosmetics to choose from with Fortnite itself expected to see over 10 different skins between ones that are new and ones that are returning. For Fortnite alone, we’ll see Chewbacca, Dagobah Luke, Lando Calrissian, and AWR Trooper added as new skins in the Item Shop, and those only account for the ones that’ve been confirmed with datamining efforts pointing to even more new skins. Returning Item Shop outfits include skins for Boba Fett, Han Solo, Imperial Stormtrooper, Leia Organa, Finn, Kylo Ren, Rey, Sith Trooper, and Zorii Bliss.

How Much Will Fortnite‘s New Star Wars Skins Cost?

So, if we’re just accounting for the new stuff, how much should completionists expect to spend if they want to own everything? While this number is naturally based off of unconfirmed albeit not unreasonable prices, Fortnite insiders like ShiinaBR have estimated that the new set of Star Wars cosmetics would run someone for 12,000 V-Bucks if they want to own everything. For context, a bundle of 5,000 V-Bucks costs $36.99.

That’s a number that’s difficult to digest, but of course players won’t be buying up everything from the store. Rather, the lofty sum of V-Bucks should go to show how much content will be in the Star Wars event since that’s not even accounting for some things specific to certain games like LEGO Fortnite.

Thankfully for Star Wars fans who don’t have a ton of V-Bucks lying around, it looks like you’ll be able to complete some quests as well in order to get some “free” gear, though you may end up needing the premium version of the battle pass in order to partake.

“Put your Bowcaster and Blaster skills to the test to complete Battle Royale’s Star Wars Quests! You’ll receive a Battle Pass Level Up for completing five of these Quests, and the AWR Pack Back Bling for completing ten.

“Battle Royale’s Star Wars Quests will be released in two phases during the crossover: the first on May 3 at 9 AM ET and the second at 9 AM ET on May 7.”

Fortnite’s massive Star Wars update drops on May 3rd.



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