TRUFF, the luxury truffle condiment brand, has collaborated with Lucasfilm to introduce Star War Dark Side Hot Sauce in celebration of May the 4th aka Star Wars Day 2024. They describe it as “a meticulously-crafted blend inspired by the menacing nature and powerful mystique of Darth Vader.” They also note that this is the hottest hot sauce that they’ve ever produced, combining ghost peppers with notes of black winter truffles.

For starters, the packaging for TRUFF’s Darth Vader hot sauce is eye-catching. Panels on the oversized collectible box open to reveal a matte back 6oz bottle topped with a Darth Vader helmet cap. Honestly, the quality of this packaging we would expect to see with a high-end perfume or maybe a watch – not a condiment. But what about the contents?

TRUFF sent us a sample to try, and the verdict is that this stuff is delicious but the level of heat seems far from the claim of 800,000-1M Scoville Heat Units (SHU) listed on the box. Honestly, it didn’t seem much hotter than the average bottle of Tabasco. That suits me just fine though – I’m not one of those people that wants to sweat while I eat. Flavor is what I’m after, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fairly intense truffle flavor that’s present in this sauce. It also has a super creamy texture.

If you want to try a bottle for yourself, Star Wars Dark Side hot sauce will be available starting today, May 1st here at the TRUFF website and here on Amazon priced at $39.99. Note that this is a limited edition flavor, so when it’s gone it’s gone. You can check out more Star Wars Day product releases right here.

See Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce at TRUFF

“TRUFF has always merged pop culture with culinary experiences in an effort to weave unexpected narratives into our flavor creations,” says Nick Ajluni, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF. “Collaborating with Lucasfilm to incorporate elements of the legendary Star Wars saga into this product is a manifestation of this commitment, where we aim to craft more than just a hot sauce – we aim to create an immersive culinary adventure that resonates with Star Wars fans and hot sauce aficionados alike. Our newest spicy blend will immerse you in a flavorful experience that echoes the profound depth and intensity inherent in the Star Wars galaxy.”

“TRUFF has not only elevated the condiment landscape but has fundamentally transformed it, breaking free from traditional confines to establish their products as true cultural sensations. Their commitment to crafting extraordinary flavor experiences mirrors our own mission at IGN, where we strive to offer fans immersive and unmatched connections to fuel the fandom of legendary franchises,” says Karl Stewart, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at IGN Entertainment.



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