Daisy Ridley is currently the only star of the Star Wars sequel trilogy who is confirmed to be returning to the galaxy far, far away in a future film, and while Billie Lourd‘s Lieutenant Connix might not have had to carry the storytelling weight of Ridley’s Rey, Lourd confirmed she’d “love” to come back to the franchise in virtually any capacity. Lourd officially joined the franchise in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but as the daughter of Carrie Fisher, she’s been connected to the saga her entire life. The actor’s passion for the saga runs so deep that, even if she’s not reprising her role of Connix, she’d gladly return to the franchise in a new capacity.

While speaking with ComicBook.com about her recent collaboration with eBay and her acting future with Star Wars, Lourd expressed, “Bring back Connix! I would love to bring back Connix. I would love to be involved in the universe in any way possible. I love being an ambassador. I wrote an essay, ‘The Keeper of Leia,’ and I love playing that role. I’m also obsessed, I’m a fangirl. I would do anything. I’ll be a creature, I’ll do whatever, run a droid and do the controls from behind the scenes. Anything I can do to be involved in this universe, I would do, because I just adore it so much.”

With there being so few story details about what the next big-screen adventure will explore, it’s entirely possible that Connix could make an appearance in Rey’s upcoming sequel, though with reports claiming that it will focus on the Jedi attempting to rebuild her own Jedi Temple, there might not be an organic opportunity to bring back Connix. As confirmed by Lourd’s comments, however, she’d gladly take part in the sequel in any capacity.

Lourd also expressed one of her own favorite pieces of Star Wars memorabilia that she acquired and the prominent spot it takes up in her home.

“My mom was a very generous woman and gave away a lot of her Star Wars collection, and I’m so mad at her about it, in the kindest way,” the actor admitted. “But now, I have to collect myself. I mean, I have this amazing poster that’s above my mantle. The old Star Wars tagline used to be, ‘Have you ever looked up and wondered what was going on?’ and so I have that over my mantle.”

Stay tuned for updates on Lourd’s possible future with the franchise. You can head to eBay to check out the full inventory of the collaboration, including the Light Side Collection and Dark Side Collection. Auctions will end on Saturday, May 4th at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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