Star Wars: Unlimited will deliver its hotly anticipated second set later this year with Shadows of the Galaxy, but fans are still trying to get their hands on the game’s first set Spark of Rebellion. Fantasy Flight Games revealed that they had to activate their product allocation plan much earlier than expected due to the popularity of the game, and while they are still allocating products, it is solely focused on resupplying game stores for organized play. The good news is that for those still looking for set 1 product, Fantasy Flight Games Vice President of Strategy Jim Cartwright announced that there is a full set 1 reprint happening, but fans will have to wait a while longer before it actually hits stores. There was also news on set 2 and how things have adjusted due to the popularity of set 1.

During a livestream, Cartwright revealed that a set 1 reprint will be in stores before the holidays. He did say that he couldn’t provide an exact date, as the team doesn’t want to put dates out there that they aren’t sure they can deliver on, but feel confident that they can get that product in stores before the holidays.

“As soon as we found out all about this we started having our conversations about what does a set one reprint look like, and we’re incredibly excited to talk about this,” Cartwright said. “We have this implemented in our plan. It will release before the holidays. You know I don’t have a specific date for you today. As soon as we have more specific information that we can share with our community, with our retailers, we will do so but right now I don’t want to promise something that we can’t deliver on. That’s always been our message. We want to be transparent but we also don’t want to put out dates that we’re not going to be able to hit, so it’s super important that we just stay cognizant, and we feel confident that we can say before the holidays we will have set one back in stock.”

There is some other good news too, as Cartwright said due to the huge demand for set 1, they were able to quickly adjust for set 2. Set 2 will be able to roll out in waves and in theory, shouldn’t face the same product shortage challenges of set 1.

“Additionally, we have been working…one of the great things about us selling kind of through that experience so quickly for set one is that we were then able to adjust what we were able to do for set two, and it means that we’re going to be able to deliver that product in waves over the course of its life cycle at launch. So you’re going to see, you know potential distributors will look at what stock we have available in each wave and be able to roll that out,” Cartwright said.

“As time continues, as we all have more information we will share it through our distribution Partners to our retailers. We’ll share it here for our customers, but we’re super excited that we already have a production increase because of how fast you all responded to the initial set,” Cartwright said.

“And so this is honestly, this is such an incredible time to be both a fan and someone you know a team creating TCGs in the space. It’s exciting to see all these new players come in. To see so many people you know adopt Star Wars: Unlimited and get excited about it in the same way that we’ve been excited about, and so we really cannot wait to go on, this is a long journey for us, and we’re excited to take it with you, so thank you for coming along for the ride,” Cartwright said.

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