See covers and get first details on a new story from Rodney Barnes.

“The Jedi cannot help who they are. Their compassion leaves a trail.”

The Grand Inquisitor’s words in Obi-Wan Kenobi form the cold heart of Marvel’s upcoming Star Wars: Inquisitors, which is excited to reveal. A new miniseries kicking off July 3 from writer Rodney Barnes and artist Ramon Rosanas, Inquisitors follows the Empire’s Jedi hunters as they narrow in on a new target: Tensu Run, a survivor of Order 66 looking to spread hope and rebuild the Jedi Order. He has won the attention of Darth Vader, who is determined to have Tensu killed at any cost. Check out Nick Bradshaw’s cover for issue #1, along with variants by Alex Maleev and the legendary Walt Simonson, in the gallery below.


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