On Thursday afternoon, Disney hosted the final presentation of 2024’s CinemaCon event in Las Vegas. The studio has a packed slate of films over the next couple of years, with a number of titles set to be previewed for exhibitors and press during the event. Marvel Studios, Fox, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and more studio banners were plastered onto the screens outside of the Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace ahead of the event.

The presentation kicks off with Deadpool & Wolverine walking through a tunnel. “So, I haerd Secret Wars is finally gonna introduce….” Deadpool is saying. A phone starts ringing. Wolverine pushes him out of the way and looks into the camera. “Hey, bub! You’re in a movie theater, turn off you’re f-cking phone!” Wolverine declares, followed by more obscenities and f-words. Deadpool jumps back into the frame to say hearing him talk that way make his dick vibrate. “Nice fourth wall break, didn’t think ya had it in ya!”

This leads to a sizzle of upcoming films. Captain Ameirca: Brave NEw World with Harrison Ford in the footage, Apes, Deadpool & Wolverine, Snow White, Mufasa, Inside Out 2, Moana 2, and more are featured in it. The presentation emphasizes wanting movies to feel like events. Disney emphasizes its biggest franchises, Avatar, Avengers, Star Wars, Toy Story, and Frozen will have new installments coming.

13 minutes of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will play as the first feature. The footage starts very peacefully, following a bird high above a very green world. Apes are running wild and free, swinging on the overgrown remains of what was once a metal building but this city is now all trees and rivers. A trio comes upon a nest of bird eggs and the older ape instills the law and lessons upon them, reminding them they have to leave one egg behind and can’t take all of them as it is the law. “We will raise them together like we were raised,” one of the apes says.They look around, through the leaves with the sun illuminating the entire scene brightly and very green. They come to a gap between the structures and Noah, the apparent leader of the bunch, uses a piece of metal to lunge ahead and lock into the other structure. Climbing to the top, he finds four more eggs in a nest perched high above the structure. As he reaches for it, a bird comes flying in and strikes him with its talons. Noah falls down and the concrete crumbles, prompting him to continue to fall and not be able to get a grip on anything. He eventually slides off the edge and grabs ahold of a piece of the hanging structure. His friends are terrified until relief consumes them when they find he survived. The Fox logo takes the screen and scenes start to play out more quickly. Noah’s father is waiting for him at the village. Various locations are shown. “There are dangers beyond our village,” one ape says. A king declares, “What a wonderful day,” before his followers. Chaos begins as Noah’s village seems to be torches with apes on horseback raiding it. Noah tries to reach his father to save him but an enemy, a miuch bigger ape, has gotten there first. Noahfights the gorilla but it unsuccessful and falls away from his father to the fiery ground, waking to the ash in a sunny, gray scene. Noah stumbles through the rubble and finds a vulture picking at the area, only to move closer and discover his fallen father. A tremendously performed and animated facial expression captures the weight of the moment as Noah shrinks into a ball beside the corpse. Moments later, he has buried his father. “Father, I will find them, I will bring them home,” he says to the grave. A bird chirps to him and flies, as if to guide him. He rides out on horseback, taking one last look at his destroyed village before leaving, spear in hand. A vast, overgrown skyline is shown to onclude the footage before a teaser starts to play.

Young Woman and the Sea is the next title, with its producer Jerry Bruckheimer introducing a look at the film. Daisy Ridley plays a swimmer wanting to get across a 21 mile journey with the world watching and largely doubting her while also trying to hold her down.

Next up is Inside Out 2, with Amy Pohler taking the stage to talk about it. “Inside Out is such an incredible story told by the brilliant filmmakers at Pixar,” she said. “There was not even a millisecond of pause when they asked ne to return for Inside Out 2.” She notes that this movie captures all of the emotions we experience on a daily basis. She introduces the first 35 minutes of the movie.

Kevin Feige takes the stage and goes with no teleprompter. “We make movies for movie theaters,” he said. “I love when a popcorn bucket can capture the zeitgeist and go viral.” Feige tees up

Florence Pugh sent a video while eating macaroni and cheese on the set of Thunderbolts*, referencing her character enjoying it in Hawkeye.

Feige notices theater owners want more types of movies across the calendar. The first movie he is going to talk in-depth about is Captain America: Brave New World, due out in February 2025. “10 years ago, we release a movie called CA:TWS. In the 10 years that has gone by…it really has stayed with the fans, with the audience…One [reason] is the genre. It is a fast-paced political thriller…Tghe other thing is it introduced the world to Sam Wilson played by the great Anthony MNackie. That is what we’re doing…it is a reletively grounded action thriller…Sam Wilson has taken on the mantle of Captain America.”

Anthony Mackie takes the stage to inroduce footage. Harrison Ford is President Ross, greeting Sam WIlson in the White House. “I ahave to admit, I’m stilk not used to the new look,” Sam says. “Me either, they said lose the mustache or lose the election.” Ross admits he is no fan of heroes but win’t deny the good Sam has done. “I want Captain America to help me rebuild the Avengers,” he said. Sam quesitons what happens if they don’t agree on how to handle a situation. Later, elsewhere, Ross explains to an audience that Joaquin Torres and Captain America successfully completed a mission to grant the world their safety again. “What we do next with this discovery, will determine how history…” Music starts playing, prompting the President to stop talking. Isaiah] Bradley is in the audience and the music activates him as though he were part of the Winter Soldier program. He takes a security guard’s gun and shoots him, then blasts through glass with it. He grabs Sam by the neck and launxhes him. Another man is moving as though possessed, as well. The President is evacuated. Gun shots ring out. World leaders are shot at. Sam helps save them. The White House is in chaos. Bradley launches a table at people before jumpibng out of a window. “Next year….” the screen says. Sam Wilson is explaining the inner circle has been compromised. He is attached by men with electric batons, blocking them kneeled down with his shield over his head. “You’re not Steve Rogers,” Ross tells him. “You’re right, I’m not,” he responds.

Kevin Feige turns to Deadpool & Wolverine. “It’s f-cking awesome,” he declares, before bringing director Shawn Levy to the stage.

“If you’re a director and you get to play in the most audacious sandbox there is which is the phenomenal Deadpool franchise… to get to be there eeveryday, seeing this team up that all of us as fans and audience members have waited 15 years for…to get to see Hugh and Ryan in their most iconic roles, bringing their A+ of A-games everyday was remarkable,” Levy said. “Maybe the most sweet part of this is imagining the team of medical professionals that are monitoring the entire Disney executive staff…We’re about to release the first R-rated movie in the MCU.”

Levy thanks the audience for the “endless stream of rumors.” He says theres “so many spoilers” and he lives in fear or Ryan trying to assassinate him. A “spoiler-ish free 9 minutes” are being played.

Wade Wilson gears up to sell cars and in the car, riding in the back between two kids, he curses about the car while describing it and jokes that he doesn’t “havr a lot of vaginal sex.” Peter is back, seeing Wade back at their lockers, and suggests hego back to super hero-ing. Wade says, “I’m done and I’m fine with being done.” He does admit, “is this the life I always imagined for myself? F-ck no.” Elsewhere in New York, Peter and Wade ride bikes. “We’re Deadpool,,” Peter tells him, which Wade dispiutes. Someone across the street is taking photos of them and Wade notices, denying that today being his birthday is throwing him of. In his apartment, a surprise part is waiting for him. “This was fiveyears ago, you’d all be dead,” he jokes. Shatterstar is there, not entertained by Dopinder’s stories. Blind Al asks Wade about his sales and is getting impatient about waiting for money from him. “I pray everyday that fire finds your body anf finishes the job that God didn’t have the nuts to do,” she tells him. Colossus has been watching Great British Bakeoff. Negasonic and Yuko are still together. Blind Al wants to do cocaine and Wade says, “Cocaine is the one thing Feige said is off limits!” Wade catches up with Vanessa, who is seeing a guy named Dermot. Wade is left sad before talking to the group. “It’s been a challenging few years,” he says. “But I’m happy and that’s because of each and every one of you and this is about how proud I am, how grateful I am, to be standing in a room with every single person I love. I’m the luckiest man alive..” He makes a wish and blows out the candle. Someone knocks on the door. It’s the TVA. He thinks they’re strippers and that their pruning sticks are for pegging. A portal opens and Wade is pulled through it. He wakes up to Paradox sitting across from him. “We’re in charge of defending what’s known as the Sacred Timeline,” Paradox said. “That’s a shit ton of exposition for a threequel. Is this because I used Cable’s time device?” The TVA is aware of the “abuse” of the timeline but this has nothing to do with that. Instead, Paraodox claims Wade can save the entire timeline and it made to avenged. “I suppose I’m going to marvel at how cinematic it is? Indiscriminate cameos?” Wade asks. Paradox tees up footage of Captain America on the screens and Wade salutes them. A clip of Thor hovering over Loki dying in Thor 2 sees Deadpool replacing Loki and Wade is terribly concerned and confused. Paradox believes he is ready to leave histimeline and join the world he has always wnated to. “I smell what you’re stepping in, Wade says. “I am a messiah. I am Marvel Jesus.” Wade runs to the camera, pulls the mic in to frame, “? He headbutts the lens and it shatters. He gets a whole new suit in another room from a man with a stylish beard and some extra booty spanks. He now has adamantium katanas. “Yes, your underwear is getting tighter,” Wade declares.

The footage cuts to another scene. Wolverine and Deadpool are riding together and Deadpool mocks his suit. “THe X-Men make you wear that?” he asks. “Friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like they play for the Los Angeles Rams.”

Next is Alien: Romulus. According to secondhand message from Ridley Scott, “It’s f-cking great.” Fede Alvarez and Ridley Scott send a message. They introduce a special look at the film. Two young girls discover a body. Another man is looking around the ship, glowing with red lights. Samples encased are starting to move. A piece of technology shows that there is a light which can see through body parts, showing ligaments and bones. The man who was looking around had a button in his neck pushed, prompting him to freeze and stare up at the cieling with his eyes rolled back as he reboots. Meanwhille, aliens are hatching in front of him and dropping into the water at his feet. The rest of the crew notices something swimming by but are unaware… until one of them gets knocked over.HIt jumps out and hugs his face but gets launched into the glass. Another jumps off of the frozen Andy onto another’s face, jabbing its legs into his mouth and eyes. THe cre triers to close doors behind them and escape but one of the aliens gets through, prompting them to swat it back into glass which cracks and let’s them all in. In the end, one of the crew gets wrecked in the face by one of the facehuggers. In a clip from later, Navarro is not feeling well and grips their chest. The device to see through the body is used, showing the alien trying to break out of their ribs. Navarro collapes, foams at the mouth, convules, accidently kicks the ship into motion, and the alien bursts out of the chest. IT’s a bloody, visceral moment. The ship continues floating until it eventually crashes into a bigger one and a teaser trailer with chaos, full grown Xenomorphs, and terror ensues.

Searchlight has Nightbitch coming December 6 and Kinds of Kindness before that. The trailre for Kinds plays.

Mufasa: The Lion King promises “new songs” in the movie but can’t say who from, describing the movie as an “epic story.” Scar and Mufasa go on a journey to discover the circle of life. he brought footage for the crowd. Jenkins is adamant about the movie getting into theaters. “This is a massive f-cking film and my job was to fill it with massive heart,” he said. He worked with the same team form Moonlight to achieve that. The first teaser is played.

The footage starts “on the other side of the light.” “A lion was born without a drop of nobility in his blood,” the narrator says. Mufasa is a child, ultimately being shown as a cub, trotting across the backs of hippos and growing into a bigger lion that can be a predator in the wild. Many animals flash across the screen and younger versions of familiar characters, like Timon and Pumba and Rafiki. The classic Lion King musical numbers accompany it.

Moana 2 will close out the presentation. Dwayne Johnson takes the stage with a Polynesian performance. He thanks the performers who were with him and then theater owners for their support. “Playing the character of Maui has been one of the most lifechanging experiences for me,” he said. “It’s my culture…but also the character of Maui was inspired by my grandfather the High Chief Peter Maivia.” He promises an “unforgettable new adventure” and all new songs with it. NATO emerges to grant Johnson with their “Spirit of the Industry” award.

Footage from Moana 2 closes out the presentation. Moana is seeing, “Finally we are back to ho I’m meant to be,” as she sails to the village. The village is also singing while building and expanding. Moana is the subject of the song, dubbed a “livng legend and she’s besties with a demigod!” Photos etched into cloth are shownto kids. Moana’s dad greets her at sea and races her to shore. The musical number is followed by a teaser.



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