An old foe becomes a tenuous ally in a desperate attempt to track down a way to Wayland.

The final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is here! In Bad Batch Declassified, we’ll explore our favorite moments from each episode, available only on Disney+. Armor up and join us for the ride.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode, “Juggernaut.”

We’re not surprised to see Rampart is perfectly suited to prison orange. In the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair reunite with the former Imperial Vice Admiral in a last-ditch effort to find their way to the mysterious world of Tantiss. Meanwhile, Omega has been delivered to the secret medical facility, and she’s about to discover her new reality is even worse than the last time she found herself imprisoned on Wayland. Here are five highlights from “Juggernaut.”

1. Sisters reunited.

It’s a tense reunion for Omega and Emerie. Dr. Karr is glad to see her sister is safe, but Omega is not one to sit in silence. And her questioning of the situation — is she really safe here? — seems to shake Emerie’s resolve.

2. A friend of Brown Eyes.

At last, Phee Genoa and Crosshair meet. The fast-talking treasure hunter is quick to clock the clone’s “sparkling personality,” and her casual joke lightens the mood. Whatever she’s heard about their history, Phee is quick to agree to help the squad in memory of Tech. Or as she puts it: “Any friend of Brown Eyes is a friend of mine.”

3. A juggernaut infiltration…

Plan 55 is a go! The Batch makes quick work of tracking down the former Vice Admiral Rampart at an Imperial labor camp. But the disgraced bureaucrat is as smug as ever. That noise you heard was us cheering when he got stunned.

4. And a Clone Force 99 extraction.

In a scene first glimpsed in the Season 3 trailer, Phee arrives to save the squad as their stolen transport runs out of road. It’s a grand finale to an overall explosive encounter on Erebus.

5. A new home.

Omega’s journey into the center of Mount Tantiss ends in a shock for the young clone, and only deepens the mystery of how the Batch will find her this time when they failed before. 


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