Atomic Mass Games has revealed the roadmap of upcoming products for both Star Wars: Shatterpoint and Star Wars: Legion. Today at Adepticon, the Asmodee subsidiary revealed its plans for both of its Star Wars games, which focus on small-scale conflicts and army-sized battles respectively. Star Wars: Shatterpoint’s releases include characters from all aspect of Star Wars media (including video games and television shows), while Star Wars: Legion continues to build out new units that fit within each of its five main armies.

Thirteen new products were announced for Star Wars: Shatterpoint, adding a mix of already announced and new characters. Iden Versio from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will appear in the “Today – The Rebellion Dies” pack, while Han Solo and Chewbacca will appear in the “Real Quiet Like” Squad Pack. Both will be released in June 2024. In July, Star Wars: Rebels will be the focus, with Kannan and Zeb appearing in the “Stronger Than Fear” Squad Pack and Hera, Sabine and Chopper appearing in the “Make the Impossible” Squad Pack. The Ghost crew’s longtime nemesis Thrawn will make his first Star Wars miniature appearance in “Not Accepting Surrenders” pack being released in August.

Later in the year, Crosshair from The Bad Batch will lead a Squad in the “Good Soldiers Follow Orders” Squad Pack, while Mandalorians like the Armorer and Paz Viszla will appear in the “This Is The Way” Squad Pack. A new kind of product – Unit Packs – will make their debut later in the year with the “We Don’t Need Their Scum” Unit Pack, which adds four bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back (Boba Fett, IG-11, Bossk, and Dengar) as Secondary Units. Closing out the year are more characters from The Empire Strikes Back, including a Lando and Cloud City-themed “What Have We Here” Squad Pack and a General Veer-focused “Maximum Firepower” pack both coming out for Q4 2024. Notably, General Veer will have an ability that aims bombardments from AT-ATs at other players. Both Kit Fisto and Ki-Adi-Mundi will both make their debut in the game in early 2025 in other character packs.

Upcoming releases for Star Wars Legion includes Range Troopers and Clone Republic Commandos, along with a specialized unit expansion for the Bad Batch (which can be placed into the Rebel Alliance army as mercenaries). Also coming to the game are Rebel Sleeper Cell Units and Imperial Riot Control Squads (both inspired by Andor), Crab Droids, Aqua Droids, and ARF Trooper Units. ARF Troopers will also receive a Jedi Attachment. Also showcased were new hard plastic resculpts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. While Star Wars: Legion’s releases were slightly less than Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Atomic Mass Games noted that 2025 would be a big year for Star Wars: Legion.



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