George Lucas created Star Wars and is considered by many to as the be-all-end-all source of authority on the galaxy far, far away, though that isn’t to say that he isn’t open to collaboration, as Hayden Christensen recently reflected on how he had suggested the idea of Anakin Skywalker developing “Sith eyes” in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. According to the actor, since Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine both had yellowed, frightening eyes, he wanted Anakin to earn a similar physical transformation when fully committing to the dark side. Despite Lucas initially balking at the idea, he would come around on it and use the effect.

Speaking with Empire Magazine about the scene in which Anakin strikes down Mace Windu being the defining moment in Anakin’s transition into Darth Vader, Christensen expressed, “That scene is the tipping point in Anakin’s fall to the dark side. He has Mace Windu and Darth Sidious, Jedi and Sith, both pleading his allegiance and he has to make a choice. When we were filming that scene, George spoke about how Anakin was conflicted but not yet corrupted, and that he still wanted to do the right thing.”

He continued, “It’s a hugely transitional scene for the character and one that sets the course for everything that follows. I remember in the weeks leading up to filming it, I was trying to figure out how to express his turn and acceptance of the anointment of Darth Vader. It needed an observable shift in character and this was actually the origin of George and I discussing giving Anakin Sith eyes. Originally, there was no mention of it and George was initially against the idea when I brought it up. I loved the visual of Sith eyes and thought it could make sense: Darth Maul had them and Sidious has them. George responded saying that Count Dooku didn’t, and I thought that was the end of that. A few days later he came back to me and said he thought about it some more and now liked the idea of Sith eyes — but not for that scene. I think that was because it would have misinformed things. Anakin’s fall to the dark side isn’t just about good and evil and ideological views; it’s also about timing and circumstance.”

Christensen went on to recall how, while Lucas was ahead of his time in both storytelling and filmmaking sensibilities, he was always open to suggestions from collaborators who helped bring the prequel trilogy to life. However, Lucas would ultimately go with his initial instincts in the final product.

“George is a visionary and always knew exactly what he wanted, but when I had an idea he would always hear me out and consider it,” Christensen confessed. “When I had an instinct on set and wanted to try something different than what we were doing, he would always indulge me. I remember on several occasions explaining what I wanted to try and George would say, ‘Well I know when I get to the editing room and I’ve got your version and my version, I’m always going to use my version, but sure, let’s give it a try.’ And he was right, he always did use his version!”

Christensen returned to the galaxy far, far away for both Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Star Wars: Ahsoka though it is unknown when, or if, he will return to the franchise.

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