Star Wars: Shatterpoint is adding characters from several popular TV shows in the coming months. Today, Atomic Mass Games officially announced a trio of new Squad Packs, bringing in several popular characters from The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch. The “Certified Guild” Squad Pack comes with The Mandalorian as a Primary Unit, Greef Karga (played by the late Carl Weathers) as a Secondary Unit, and IG-11 as a Supporting Unit. The “You Have Something I Want” Squad Pack adds Moff Gideon as a Primary Unit, with a Death Trooper Escort as a Secondary Unit and a pair of Dark Troopers as a Supporting Unit. Finally, the “Clone Force 99” Squad Pack adds the Bad Batch to the game, with Clone Sergeant Hunter as a Primary Unit (and playable in both Clone Wars Era and Galactic Civil War Era squads), Wrecker and Omega as a Secondary Unit (once again, playable in both eras of the game), Echo and Tech as Supporting Units (playable in both eras) and Crosshair as a Clone Wars era Secondary Unit.

The Certified Guild Squad Pack is coming to STAR WARS: Shatterpoint. Grab your brushes and get ready to paint your favorite characters from The Mandalorian. Pre-order today:

— Atomic Mass Games (@atomicmassgames) February 19, 2024

We have something you want! Moff Gideon and his terrifying death troopers join STAR WARS: Shatterpoint in the You Have Something I Want Squad Pack. Pre-Orders are available now:

— Atomic Mass Games (@atomicmassgames) February 19, 2024

Clone Force 99 is ready to blast their way onto your table! The Bad Batch joins STAR WARS: Shatterpoint with super effective abilities to support each other as well as benefits for other Galactic Republic squads. Available for pre-order now:

— Atomic Mass Games (@atomicmassgames) February 19, 2024

In Star Wars: Shatterpoint, players battle over objective points on the tabletop, using a variety of abilities and actions unique to each unit. Players build their Strike Teams for Star Wars: Shatterpoint by building two Squads made up of a Primary Unit, a Secondary Unit, and a Supporting Unit. Each Squad pack for Star Wars: Shatterpoint comes with a pre-built squad, although the rules specify that you can mix and match units from different squad packs together, provided the figures meet certain points requirements and all come from the same era. One key difference between Star Wars: Shatterpoint and the Star Wars: Legion tabletop miniatures game is that Shatterpoint has brought in characters from the TV shows in almost at the outset, with characters from Kenobi among the first to be added to the game.

The two Mandalorian-related Squad Packs will be released in May, while the Bad Batch-themed Squad Pack will be released in June.



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