The ComicBook Nation Crew reviews Marvel’s Madame Web and Bob Marley: One Love. There’s a breakdown of the MCU Fantastic Four cast reveal and reactions to new trailers for X-Men ’97, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Dune 2, and Invincible Season 2 Part 2.

PLUS: Impressions on the new Star Wars: Unlimited card game!

Madame Web Review argues that there’s some charm to be found in Madame Web‘s tale of female bonding:

While Madame Web might not contain the heart-pumping tension, massive franchise connections, or painfully authentic verisimilitude of many of its modern contemporaries, it makes a convincing argument that an entertaining enough story can still be found outside of those traits. The charisma of its lead heroines and the specificity of its premise prevent it from being too boring, too goofy, or too irredeemable to ignore. For better or for worse, Madame Web further illustrates that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has potential when not trying to be a modern cinematic universe at all, and instead being a springboard for the most niche genre stories imaginable.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Bob Marley: One Love Review

(Photo: Paramount)

ComicBook Nation host Kofi Outlaw writes that One Love is a more reverent tribute to Bob Marley than it is a biopic:

One Love is also an undeniably favorable – even reverent – look at Bob Marley, skipping over many of the rougher edges of his life (not to mention the multiple women in it) except for some visual Easter eggs, dialogue references, and (just) one scene of conflict between Bob and Rita that hints at much more. The smoothed edges are not surprising, given that Rita Marley, her and Bob’s son Ziggy, and daughter Cedella are all producers on the film – with the family’s Tuff Gong Pictures being one of the studios behind it. Compassionate edits are expected, yes, but it results in a biopic that feels more whimsical than real. The 2012 Kevin Macdonald documentary film Marley still stands as the most comprehensive and interesting look at the man behind the myth – but no doubt, Bob Marley: One Love is a beautiful (if indulgent) celebration of that myth. And the love is definitely felt.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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