According to a new report from a very reliable source, a first-person Star Wars Mandalorian game is in development at Respawn Entertainment, the EA-owned studio responsible for Apex Legends, Titanfall, and the Star Wars Jedi series. It is unclear what this means for the future of the Star Wars Jedi series following Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but according to the rumor the game is in the early stages of development. This means there is no mention of a release date beyond the note that the game is “at least” two years away. Perhaps due to this, platforms are also not mentioned.

As for the report, it comes the way of Insider Gaming, and more specifically, Tom Henderson, one of the industry’s best sources, and a source who has relayed accurate information pertaining to EA games in the past. In other words, the information comes from a source who would have an inside scoop on this project. Unfortunately, this inside scoop doesn’t contain a wealth of details on the game. Nor does it mention anything about Xbox exclusivity, something previous rumors about this project have mentioned.

What is noted is the game will focus on “mobility” and “style,” which suggests it will be more faithful to an arcadey experience rather than faithful to realism. The Mandalorian’s jetpack is mentioned, which apparently “allows the player to perform horizontal dashing, vertical jumping, boost sliding, and more. To this end, this aspect of the game is likened to Apex Legends. And like Apex Legends, it will apparently be “very fast-paced” and rewards players who adapt to this playstyle. One way it will do this is by regenerating health based on successive kills.

Given that it is a bounty hunter game, players can also expect to have a wide range of weapons at their disposal. This arsenal supposedly includes a wrist rocket, grapple hook, and a visor that players will use to tag enemies and bounties.

With all of this mobility, you may expect the game to be an open-world game, but it is said Respawn Entertainment has instead opted for more linear levels that will take players to many different planets.

The report also makes note that the game was once led by creative director Mohammad Alavi, who has since left the studio. Obviously, it is never great to lose your creative director in the middle of a project, especially this early, so this is worth consideration. And of course, remember everything here is a rumor, and thus should be taken with a grain of salt. Further, even if everything here is accurate, it doesn’t mean it will remains accurate over time. Everything is always subject to change.



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