There’s a lot of speculation about which actors from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we could see pop up in Andor Season 2 – but there’s a least one face from the cast we can now confirm we won’t see.

Rouge One star Ben Mendelsohn was doing an interview with the Italian publication Bad Taste, in which he was asked directly whether there was more to do with his Star Wars villain character, Director Orson Krennic. Krennic made his debut in Rogue One as the man who led the development of the Death Star, by coercing scientist Galen Erso and others into developing its world-annihilating super weapon. Even though Krennic was killed during the Battle of Scarif and the Rebellion’s heist of the Death Star plans, the character has since had a much wider arc established in canon – going back to his days as a standout student in the Republic’s Future Program; the murky line between friendship and manipulation he established with fellow student Galen Erso; the ironic beginning of developing the Death Star for the Republic, his troubled first attempt on Geonosis, and his more determined effort after joining the Imperial ranks.

In between all those moments in Krennic’s personal history are ample opportunities to show how the conniving engineer crossed paths with and/or influenced any number of other Star Wars characters and stories. Star Wars: The Bad Batch gave an animated version of Krennic another chance to shine in the franchise, in an organic and fun way. So it’s possible – and Ben Mendelsohn can easily envision more:

“I think Krennic has a tremendous amount of things left to give to the audience,” Mendelsohn explained. “What we need to understand about a character like Krennic is that, if he had had the chance, he would have tried to take over the entire game and it seems to me that this aspect has not yet been explored sufficiently.”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Better yet, Ben Mendelsohn is ready and willing to take up those opportunities onscreen – but he admits that Lucasfilm isn’t blowing up his phone about it right now:

“As for being contacted by Lucasfilm for a new project, I can tell you that no, I have not been approached for something like this. And yes, it would be great to see him again somewhere, but for now everything stops here. But as far as I’m concerned, I would be very willing to explore it further and significantly in that world. I never expected to play a character like that, but then again I never expected to become an actor either. For me they are all wonderful things.”

Star Wars: Andor Season 2 will cover Cassian Andor’s investigation into the Death Star, leading up to days before the events of Rogue One take place. Not having an appearance from Krennic would be a curios choice.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now streaming on Disney+.



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