After delighting audiences on Disney+, the journey of Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano is headed to the comics. On Friday, Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics announced the first details surrounding the Star Wars: Ahsoka tie-in comic, which will begin to be published in July of 2024. The Star Wars: Ahsoka comic adaptation will be written by Rodney Barnes with pencils from Steven Cummings and Georges Jeanty.

“It is truly an honor to be adapting Ahsoka,” Barnes said in a statement to “The character is the essence of classic Star Wars: layered, complex and fun! I hope the fans enjoy this adaptation as much as the series it’s adapted from.”

This week, #Ahsoka Season 1 will be getting a @Marvel Comics adaptation. Get your first look at the covers!

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 2, 2024

Star Wars: Ahsoka #1 (of 8)

Written by Rodney Barnes
Art by Steven Cummings
Cover by David Nakayama
After the fall of THE EMPIRE, Jedi Master AHSOKA TANO stalks the galaxy for GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN! A valuable prisoner escapes New Republic custody; a search for answers reunites two old friends. The villainous MORGAN ELSBETH returns along with two new mysterious Force-users, BAYLAN SKOLL and his apprentice, SHIN HATI.

Is Star Wars: Ahsoka Renewed For Season 2?

Earlier this year, with the announcement that a new movie surrounding The Mandalorian and Grogu is officially in the works, Lucasfilm also confirmed that a second season of Star Wars: Ahsoka has been greenlit. A release date for the project has yet to be set, although series creator Dave Filoni has already teased work on it.

“I’m absolutely putting it out into the universe. We’re joking about it, but I’m manifesting it because I feel like I helped Dave [Filoni] manifest this role,” Dawson previously shared with Empire Magazine about a second season. “So I’m ready. I’m excited. I’m willing. I got my ice-packs ready to go for Season 2 and beyond! I would not be mad at that.”

What Is Dave Filoni’s Star Wars Movie About?

While details on Filoni’s Star Wars movie are still relatively slim — including the movie’s release date — we do know that it will be set during the New Republic era, and will have an epic event quality to it.

“Jon [Favreau] and I have our own little theater that we’ve been playing in, but Star Wars is a big galaxy. I think there’s a lot of possibilities, but we do things our own way,” Filoni told earlier this year. “I think of, you know, A New Hope is an important moment in the timeline. The Death Star blows up. That changes everything … A cinematic moment for this time period has to be a moment that’s changing things and we understand it as the audience and then it can ripple down if we have other shows going on underneath that. So if there was a show taking place in the New Hope time period that you were watching as a kid, you would understand that things have changed in the show because the Death Star blew up. But they didn’t necessarily need to be there. So there’s a ton of possibilities for how to tell these stories in a unique way for Star Wars as well.”

What do you think of the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars: Ahsoka? Will you be picking up the series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

As mentioned above, Star Wars: Ahsoka #1 will arrive in July.



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