Star Wars Sequel and Mandalorian and Grogu Movies Working Titles Rumored to Be Revealed

Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Grogu reportedly has a working title. Both the upcoming Star Wars movie and upcoming Rey film have been announced by Lucasfilm. The Cosmic Circus says that The Mandalorian and Grogu‘s working title is Thunder Alley. Meanwhile, Rey’s story is being called “New Jedi Order” in the development stage. The outlet’s […]

New Star Wars Game Featuring Jar Jar Binks Leaked

A new Star Wars game may have just been leaked by none other than Jar Jar Binks, aka Ahmed Best, the actor behind the fan-favorite character. Of course, the chance the game stars the side character are very slim, but Best has confirmed he is back in the motion capture studio working on a Star […]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producers Reveal Why They Brought Back Asajj Ventress

The producers behind Star Wars: The Bad Batch are commenting on the surprise return of Asajj Ventress. The third and final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch was officially announced at last year’s Star Wars Celebration. The season will look to bring some resolution to the stories of Omega, Crosshair, and the rest of […]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producers on the Future of Star Wars Animation

As Star Wars: The Bad Batch draws toward its end, Star Wars fans may wonder what’s next for Star Wars animation. There’s currently Tales of the Jedi, an anthology of connected Star Wars shorts, and Star Wars: Visions, also an anthology, showcasing global animation via shorts set outside of Star Wars canon. spoke to […]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producers on How Season 3 Compares to the Original Plan

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is saying goodbye with its final season on Disney+. The series spun out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ final season and has become connective tissues between many elements of the Star Wars saga through its connection to Project Necromancer. But how does that compare to the original plan for […]

Here Are The Best LEGO Sets Launching on March 1st, 2024

Every new month brings new LEGO releases, though some drops are bigger than others. That said, March 2024 is going to be jam packed with new sets that include the first Animal Crossing collection, the Medieval Town Square, Star Wars LEGO 25th anniversary, and much more. Details about these setrs, and the rest of the […]

Star Wars: The Acolyte Star Teases New Series’ Setting

The Star Wars universe is set to get a major remix later this year, with the arrival of the Star Wars: The Acolyte Disney+ series. The Acolyte, which is created by Russian Doll’s Leslye Headland, will be first live-action series set during the High Republic era, and fans are definitely excited to see that canon […]